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  1. I use Sl Viewer not by choice but because Firestorm will not dowload properly! Other viewer I have had nightmare experiences with them so I end up back with SL Viewer. Today LL released another Update. I haven't found what wonderful bad experiences this will cause yet but I kepp having the same problem over and over and over again. I was on-line much of the morning without problems, which was a relief since last night I had problems getting my avatar to load properly again! "Failed to find body part named Alway's* men* Brando mennen shape in the database" I had to use a safe av
  2. There was some sort of update this week or a glitch that removed the pull down menus to the right side of the Help pull down especially the Advanced Menu. I can't find it in Prefernces. I also had the Camera set to infinity and now it is back to default settings! Did LL do something or did a glitch somehow push me back to a stone age default setting?
  3. I tried to log in but I get no thing it eventuall times out. I tried with SL Viewer and CtrlAltViewer I got a Log in failed message on CAV?
  4. The Notes section on the ABOUT page sometimes works and other times it doesn't even with friends. For friends I can work on then through the Mysecondlife.com It's annoying and I just wondered if it was peculiar to my viewer or a widespread issue! I have a lousy memory and I use it for reminders!
  5. When I logged off SL everything was working well When I logged back on and selected a destination to TP to evrything normal. The LZ was about 30-40 m away from the destination so I got the arrow and red/blue to guide me. This time though the line is strobing bright white over the red and the blue altenating! What did I do or what did LL do?
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