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  1. It’s actually aimed both rp and rl ways, as said in the post any experience is experience. Should I have posted it elsewhere? As for the underaged kids thing, that is just my list of experience but again, as said in the post, I have said about taking it to Discord or somewhere more suitable, with the parents supervision, because I am aware of the age limit on sl, and I have also said that I’m more than happy to help anyone above those ages as well. So I’m pretty sure I’ve addressed all the issues. Thanks for alerting me to your concern though.
  2. Are you currently at school? Or do you have a school-aged child? I'm currently studying a Certificate IV in Education Support (Teacher Aide/Assistant), and assist students in the classroom once a week for placement. I am happy to help you, or your child, with any work you may have so as to help me gain my experience. The subjects I excel in are Literacy, English, Inquiry and Bounce Back lessons.But I am also happy to help where I can in Maths and other subjects(just be sure to let me know what subjects). The age groups I am currently working with in schools is Grade Foundation(before
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