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  1. Well, I agree, I used to hide too, 'cos I need my space often, to stay alone with myself, doing things in silence but.. this is another case, he is more than friend and he doesn't do anything in SL besides talking with me, as he used to say, so that's why I'm upset and confused...
  2. What is the right response or what can I do, when I find out that my very close friend hides from me in SL? Is it normal?
  3. No, it isn't normal in SL, not in RL and people who are jealous mostly they have low self-esteem and they don't trust their partners.
  4. I'm so introvert that I don't know even what to say and how to say :)) Like : "Oh,hi, I can be your friend too!" - weird But yes, I can ^^
  5. I see. I was just confused because I'm introvert and shy a bit and the forum is more kind of RL for me and more difficult than SL, I'm more open there - weird I know.. But Rhonda's post makes me think that Forum is much better because of time zone and limited time problems...
  6. SL is the easiest way to make friends and I wonder, why people post here, hoping to make friends?
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