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  1. So for the past few weeks i've been testing to make sure Maya will export smoothing with the .dae files i'm exporting. I'll adjust the skeleton to the mesh and rig it. Then export that and i get a very nice smooth mesh upon preview and equip. After these tests I take the time and fully rig my mesh properly adding weights and then finally export it to SL when finished. No edit to the topology or anything and I can only get simply polyong meshes within SL. I've tried deleting my non deformer history and it frees the mesh, but also deletes the smooth skin binding. I've done this before ive bound the mesh as well and each time it leaves me with a bright green unskinned mesh. The material was deleted with it. I'm at a loss because on paper i'm doing everything right. Simple mesh, delete history, rig the mesh then export. Ive exported in openCOLLADA and the FBX_DAE exporter as well as converting FBX to Collada via their converter and all get the same result. This problem is hurting my brain, soul and willpower. any help is appreiates. :/
  2. Thank you, it clears up some avatar theory as i'm finishing my project!
  3. Does anyone happen to know the general work flow for separating a mesh in Maya and still have it upload as one solid looking mesh in Second life? It doesnt seem so straight forward to me for some reason. iws it as simple as binding the avatar and separating meshes? or is the process more involved?
  4. Smooth sailing! I forsee no problems in the future!
  5. Update! After 2 days of Tinkering (and remembering control select in the outliner) Ive learned that you must individually select bones, at least in my case, and Bind them to joints. The latter two work in maya but fail t upload because they pass the 110 joint threshold. The problem i`m having now is that, after figuring out which bones fitted or not that I wanted on the mesh, the skeleton disappeared on me again with just 105 bones rigged. Best guesses: Second Life doesn`t like certain bones un weighted. (something weighted out of order and excluding a needed bone) Despite limiting infuences to 4 upon smooth skin binding, somehow vertices have more than 4 influences or none or greater than 1 and need to be hammered. Regardless, this will probably be nother few hours of work. But what I can say is that simply rigging it with the Mayastar system IS working! ironing out the rest is the new nightmare. Cheers
  6. Does anyone happen to know, if I were to equip 2 separate avatars whether I would have access to two skeletons? Example, a stand alone avatar and a separately purchased set of bento wings. Or would the two aniations from a blob? Thanks!
  7. The legendary Mayastar owner! Thank you for the reply. That should I believe cover it. I had heard about the 110 limit, but had no idea about only selecting the mesh. What a help. I have progress to look forward too when I mod tonight! Cheers. P.S. I may make a Tutorial for custom mesh in Maya that maybe can be shared later. in addition to your already great tutorials.
  8. Update: I exported my Custom mesh as an OBJ and re imported it then rebound it to the Mayastar bento Skeleton. With this I was able to at least see it in previewer. The problem being...the skeleton is not being seen or sensed, so I can't see my mesh rigged. Again, no idea why this is happening. Any help is appreciated. If i don't export my mesh i get the error again.
  9. Hello everyone, Ive worked with both blender and maya in the past with success. I'm currently using Mayastar in order to upgrade my products and characters to the new bones. After rigging i get this error. After checking the forums, none of the threads point to a clear answer that applies to my situation. I tried stepping back and exporting the default Mayastar avatar to Second life on SL and Firestorm viewers and get the same error. This makes me wonder if there is an innate setting in my maya that is doing this or if something in my viewers. In any case, there are no logs to speak of so I was wondering is someone could help me with a checklist to see what's wrong. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you :)
  10. I had the same issue when I downloaded the `official` bones as well...it can be quite infuriating.
  11. Just for clarification, are you supposed to rig the volume bones in addition to the mbones or are you supposed to rig to the volume bones in leiu of the mbones. Or do both options work? Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the reply, very helpful, ive seen the resultsin action, but have to start from square one due to the nature of being a creator. Stay cool!
  13. Ive rigged my jaw to the mskull bone and I know for a fact that it does work but I don`t know the script for activating an uploaded animation. I understand that a script cannot affect joints, but instead acts upon uploaded anim files created outside of the game. I was wondering however which command in the LSL library can be used to link these files together to create the animation? I have some scripting and coding knowlege and just need to see an example of one of these scripts in action then i can build my own no problem. Thanks in advance. EWxciting times!
  14. Hi everyone I have figured out for better or worse most of my problems with the help of the community..but i was wondering if anyone knows how to make a stub mesh in maya for SL? I can do it in blender to export my joint data, but in maya it still seems like SL has problems importing it correctly.
  15. Haha yes I do have the source, unfortunately it's half made with prims in world haha..luckily I don't have to remake the wheel this time around. Cheers!
  16. Hello! I've been having a range of fun and sucessful tests in Agni recently and was wondering if there is a way to transfer fully tested items to agni? Thanks again!
  17. Update, problem solved...the previewer isn't showing the legs but they appear in game no problem..how odd!
  18. So i was able to solve my previous issues be importing another skeleton and scaling the body as closeto it as possible. My currentissue is that aftr testing and seeing that my skeleton worked, I unbinded and deleted all history of the smooth skin to begin UV mapping. Now that I have a finished UV map I rebound the skeleton, painted weights and for some reason my bottom half disappears....it doesn't make any sense XD. https://puu.sh/rFZt4/71dd840ca6.png Ive checked to make sure none of the joints or bones have been rotated, even re doing the UV map on the legs doesn"t help. Ive tried deleting all non deformer history...and that simply deletes the skeleton in Second Life. quite a bit of confusion..again any help is welcome.
  19. So after a month of toling aorund with the rigging, i only have 1 avatar that looks remotely good enough to be worn. Somewhere along the process the weighting and modeling came together...but as of now my avatar crunches in each and every time i try to upload whether from blender or maya. I really need help figuring out these problems and i'm unsure if posting one question at a time will really help me locate the problem with ym pipeline. I've looked at countless tutorials and have the avatar rigged and working in two software suites and yet when I upload to Sl all I get is a blob or a crunched up badly weighted avatar..despite everything looking great before hand. if you are interested pms are welcome as well as posting here i have a lot to spend for the help. https://puu.sh/rnhsp/fa15e9879a.png
  20. Update! So things i've learned this weekend that have helped me greatly. 1.) The standard avatar that SL distributed named all of it's joints wrong. at least in the file I had...so many of the compilers in maya and blender wouldn't work with that leading to some time wasting issues. 2.) I've successfuly tested my rig both in Blender and maya and they are fully functional. 3.) I did check to see if my normals were correct and i believe without a shadow of a doubt they are as i checked the setting in blender specifically before exporting. 4.) I think im dealing with two problems. I may need to scale and resize my avatar in maya or blender before uploading and see how that goes. problem 2 if the size issue alone doesnt solve the problem, this may just be another case of weight painting being tedious and tempermental...hopefully it's the first issue...it's weid how in the viewers it animates fine but as soon as it's in Sl it goes crazy.... 5.) Part of the reason i think it's a size issue is that when I tell the previewer to display joints it seems as though the skeleton and joints aren't re aligning to where they need to be....this is after flooding the avatar with 100% to pelvis to ensure a properly formed avatar as a test. Essentially the skeleton is in rest pose but its too small for the body with the arms pointing down 45 degrees through the waist and the toes pointg out through the knees of the mesh. Really silly. Screen caps before and after joints/ weights https://puu.sh/rnhuG/440a205ce3.png https://puu.sh/rnhsp/fa15e9879a.png Thanks for pointing me in the right direction earlier again any advice or insight is welcome!
  21. Weight painting, it's a hit conversation at parties.
  22. Thanks for the Reply! i've figured it out. Some of my tutorials were using a very different skeleton so i had to really just visualize what was going where and why and i have a firm understanding now.
  23. Good news is the mesh isn't disappearing anymore! Bad news is i ned to figure out why all of my weights are wrong. This may have to do i hear with rotating joints before upload? Ther are a bunch of rules for the Slmesh that are arbitrary and a mine field it seems. Screen shots for all! (using a low rez version so to not waste Linden) https://puu.sh/rl0Oy/b355229d36.jpg in themeantime im going down other parts of the checklist.
  24. Thanks, I have some homework and something to lokforward two over the next day or so. Thanks!
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