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  1. I've been in second life for almost 8 years and until this last year never had a problem. I met someone who was jealous of someone I was seeing and a threatened me. 3 days later my sim ( is a children's zoo) some how they got in my group tag but never joined. They changed so many settings that it killed my scripts and we couldn't get it fixed. About 2 weeks ago I logged in and my new sim for the zoo the land was all messed up. I was off line so there was nobody to take pictures of. Today they hit again. Not only damaging the land but killing animals. I was only gone 20 min and left my avatar online. Taking pictures does nothing. And I cant pin point who is doing it. Is there any device that stop them. They are going below 0 seawater and 5km high. Is there something I can install to protect it. I have over 50 animals, and not able to move. Please help
  2. In all seriousness thank you. I wanted to see if the right hook was thrown, who would take it and who would walk away. Yes ...please don't hate, but this was a set up. I wanted the responses. Those went to extremes showed to me and well a few thousand, might go viral dunno, just how some would use apathy, arrogance, ignorance and maliciousness, to justify the pain they could inflict on vulnerable people. What scares the flock out of me, is I perceived your responses really were intentionally made to hurt. (Me, lol, I dont care, I will still keep being me, acceptance and fuzzies arent required) I knew this world was messed up, but didnt think that such venom and callousness still existed. Scary but rest assured you made thousands of people laugh, cry and afraid. Im still flabbergasted. This was way too easy. Damn I lost a bet. I now owe 3000 people coffee. Oh and please as the TOS says, just mute and ban. And thank you for your participation in this study of compassion and acceptance in the 21st century's touted "progressive and acceptance" of humanity. Mute button is over there>>>> please use. Have a wondermus day.
  3. Love it...and that was my snack. Dig or no...I would rather be nuts...than "normal" ...Normal people usually dont have the balls to stand up and challenge.
  4. I did re and re read. And I was prepared for good and bad. Sometimes to get a point across and I don't always condone this ( oh and thank you , seriously, I respect those that don't stoop to name calling but present an intelligent response) you have to play mirror. Childish you reflect childish, Love you reflect love, and childish well.... the below is childish. It is people like you that help. You stood up and told me how you felt and it wasn't an attack per se. I may not agree but I hold a lot of respect for you. You stood up for what you believed in. For that alone you are wondermus. Thank you again.
  5. Sorry missed your other part that is my bad. Kindergarten I hope not...just trying to do what I can to make even a tiny bit of bring the human in humanity.
  6. And did it make you feel great? Sometimes... I would rather admit being wrong and be happy. How did it feel to bait a response? You lovely lady made a stronger point to this thread than I ever could. Thank you .
  7. Best quote I ever saw.... You are the master of the unspoken word, and a slave to those words that should have remained unsaid. - Good, flippant, or silly thank you all for sharing
  8. Me 3... and hate auto correct, I can make myself look silly enough on my own.
  9. Then why bother typing? - smh... your "non response" might have been more effective is you really didnt.
  10. Great post Little, but...who wasnt in SL business, understood your acronyms? And I know personally I re read stuff to make sure or try, that what I said made sense. It doesn't always. But it wasn't laziness, it was my mind was moving faster than my hands can type. When your title upgrades to Judge Little..give us a call
  11. On ‎2‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 3:52 PM, LittleMe Jewell said: It is often easy to distinguish difficulty with the language from plain laziness or not caring or text speak. Not too mention that much of the time, it is not necessarily about actual grammar, but simply trying to make something readable. If it is a long post, it really is difficult to read if it is not broken up a bit with some line spacing. Ditto if the post is just a huge long run-on sentence. Many of us just won't bother and and then the OP is going to be limited in responses. I don't both correct various spelling errors or the misc. grammar issues. However, I will mention the lack of line spacing and/or run-on sentences if they truly make reading the post difficult. IMO, mentioning such is actually helpful to the OP as it may help more people actually read the post and give replies.
  12. Maybe this isn't coming across correctly and I will own that. Nothing I am responding to isn't meant to be taken personally and yes everyone (but Divas) deserve a response. Its rude to be over looked and ignored. My whole point in all of this is one very basic thing (and you don't want to see my FB posts) I had to turn off the news. Everything I saw made me sad. What I saw made me so disappointed in humanity. So many of the world needs help. Me too. Don't mistake my candor please as a dig or slight. I'm standing up for something I feel strongly about. Humanity. I don't see myself the way others see me. I like it when someone debates an issue. I have and will never stop standing up for what I believe in even if I stand alone. Sure you might not be popular. However if you don't make a few cranky people, you aren't doing enough. Me looking in the mirror, I want to stand up for something than stand for nothing. And in that reflection like what I see. Im no angel or saint. I just care about people, what our children will inherent, and hopefully my child wont have to face apathy. Please clarify "negative" , and please understand. I brought this whole topic up and again I have my steel thong on, to bring out some fore thought. Our words can have a HUGE impact on others and we may never know it. Pointing out flaws like spelling is hurtful. To me it feels like "Your an idiot when you pass English 101 you they deserve an answer." Everyone deserves respect. In forums we don't have the luxury of earning it first. If I attacked someone. I apologize. If I made you respond no matter the digs, at the very least I made you think. I will never apologize for trying to make even a small part of our lives just a little better.
  13. Ahh now this is a fun one for me. I.E. mine. Mine wasn't intended in anyway to be sexual. Its actually a name of Drag Queen. Love Ru Paul. I have another account in Sansar.. Fara Moan. Never ass-u-me, but I get lots of compliments on the word twist. More so from straight women.
  14. Love Google trans, only phrases I know are dos cervezas por favor.. and donde esta el baño por favor :o)
  15. Lol dont even get me started on business in Sl. I have been lucky to have two very successful businesses in SL that have bankrolled this account ( about 2,000,000L between the two. No personal life, but now I can have fun) . Marketing and watch your P & L's are still there. However ....we are here to have fun. Who the hell wants a job that reminds you of RL work. But hey I want to look hot too. Need money for that. Key is and its worked well for me so far. a) Take any application you are giving to "applicants" and toss them right out of the window. b ) I give the most chances to the new people coming in. Why? Remember what it was like getting your first job and how loyal you were (or I was) when someone took a chance on you? I still have people that would asking if they can help, one has been my most trusted assistant, for almost 5 years. Because I gave them the chance. And omgosh they were willing to do damn near anything. I've taken noobs to places where they can get free nice clothes, (Got to love Lucky Chairs). Lastly make this "job" look like the best damn party ever, and they wont even realize they were even working. Hey I don't know about you...I'm here to have a blast....not to be reminded of work.
  16. Thorinll, nothing personal and major kudos for your achievements. However how do you know they aren't doing their best? I don't and rather than looking like I am an unfeeling jaded person, I would rather err on the side of caution. What does it hurt? They cant take away your birthday....
  17. Luna, I understand and agree to a point. LL doesn't have the manpower to read more in depth. So because they are unable, that's why we are here. We have time. A friend at LL once said they pay the most attention to the greifers, criminals and other time consuming efforts. So they made these forums to help us help each other.
  18. On the other hand Pixie, I wasn't given a right to judge. Don't like the goof that posted something....why even reply? Not worth the effort and well takes us to their level. It is amazing. They act like children throwing a tantrum to get your attention. They won.
  19. Please understand ...none of my comments are meant to attack, but to hopefully reflect the image that is being portrayed to the people that are responding. Walking in the shoes of others. Did you read the whole comment and the subsequent cartoon? Most skim. No it isn't right to go down that road. However if you dont see what is being seen by others. Nothing changes.
  20. So why lower yourself to give them the attention they are trying to get? Those are people are only doing it for reaction. And we give it to them. Who wins? Ignore then children like that and they will eventually move on...or as LL says, block, ban and problem solved. There are always going to be those types. Why feed into it and give them what they want?
  21. I'm sorry for that. No matter what they do or are. Drama queens.......block, ban and bye. No response speaks louder than berating. And it give the Divas what they want. Attention. No attention, no problem...they get bored and move on.
  22. You are wondermus. This nut house called SL, needs more people like you here. Thank you for being you.
  23. Thank you for the kudos, I will only say one thing. True caring isn't about how things are said. They took the time to do the best they can to get their need across. We should take the time to read it. And if we don't read it and trust me if you have ever had to read a Russians remarks, you may have to a few times. But it will make your responses helpful in two ways. You made the effort to try to read it. And you can answer the question in a way that shows you took the time to read it, and hey you look good. It now showed them no matter what...you took the time to really help.
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