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  1. So I own several very large and active sims in need of staffing! My sims have been around for years and are still going strong. 1: Motel / Motel Managers - Would be in charge of 2 very large motels and a large hotel. You would receive both salary pay and commissions on rentals. 2: Night Club - Hire and Manage Dancers at our resort - Small club on the island - You receive a percentage of dancer tips. 3: Promoters, DJs and Event Planners - Message me for details! I am not interested in training people. Please be serious and have experience in these types of jobs. Tara
  2. That is what I thought. I have been using this method for years. If you message me and you are not on my friends list, you get a single line that Invites you to enjoy my sim and has a link. I feel that the person contacting me as a non-friend is initiating the conversation.
  3. Would you consider it spam if a person's AUTORESPONDER includes a link to their sim?
  4. We are a full service Hotel and resort looking to hire energetic people to represent our facility! We use a real time clock system for entertainers and also offer salaried positions. Work your own hours and work on your schedule. Job Guide: 1: Engage our guests in conversation. 2: Offer Tours of the sim and display resort features. 3: Entertain our visitors. We need Promotors, Dancers, Bartenders, hosts and more. Message Tara Innis for an Interview.
  5. I have seen this on many sims. You start to build for the crowd.
  6. I think that it is amazing that sims take on a life of their own. When I first built Tara's Apartment I had a plan as to what I wanted it to be. That was 10 years ago. It has changed and evolved so much over the years. It took on a life of its own based on its visitors, activity and also the advanced technology being added to the platform. Then the regular crowd starts to form a family like atmosphere. What started as a strip club has turned in to an amazing 1/4 sim resort with a staff, traffic and rental space. It did that on its own. Always blown away by 2Life.
  7. I finally got this going! Wow. It took that long.
  8. Honest, what you just said make super sense to me!!!!!!!
  9. Ahhhhhh, Exploring by cam. Lil secret... Me too! lol but also a builders nightmare. I enjoy people walking into an area and staging the experience. Guilty and I hate myself for it.
  10. Hey guys! I will try to keep this short. I love to build! I will usually rent large parcels for no other reason but to build amazing things not found anywhere on SL. (much like many of you) I am not an expert builder but I keep my designs "photo Realistic" My issue is not traffic. It more about getting people away from the landing spot and encouraging them to explore. Any pro tips you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  11. You guys can join by searching Tara's Apartment
  12. All WALKING DEAD... All the time!
  13. I will have something fun set up by the weekend as more people join up. we have about 30 so far.
  14. So I am still working on this but I created the group - it's called Tara's Apartment and comes up in search - In it's short form. It is a FRIENDS GROUP with planned meet ups in great locations
  15. I keep thinking more about it.With a large enough group people could really pick and choose when they want to be with us or not. The reason is there will always be a crowd. If dancing is not your thing than maybe catch us another night when we are exploring an island. ya know?
  16. Second life has some amazing places to hang out but when we get there, sadly... they are empty. Many of us get board of walking around alone. What I have decided to do is create a group were a destination is chosen and we (as friends) all converge, explore and enjoy these abandoned SL landmarks on a given time frame. The funny thing is that as we go to these places and spread out, others are attracted by the activity and this creates a snowball effect. Eventually friendships would be forged within the group. So before I kick this off: Does the idea at least sound fun?
  17. Fell asleep in RL while my Avi was having a lil fun in an adult RP area... From the 10 or so IMs i woke up to... it turns out that I was the "life"of the party for about 2 hours
  18. Hollywood airport is a laggy mess now. nothing but griefers and prostitutes.... I am done with it.
  19. Tara Innis


    You get some people that have ZERO control over anything in RL but are the boss in SL - I got banned from Hollywood airport because some (girl?) named MEG kept messaging me about some other user and I asked him/her to stop bothering me. Boom... Banned. Let em have this. Virtual worlds are the only place they can be important. You can always create a new account and visit the place like i did, but they on the other hand... will ALWAYS be assholes.
  20. So I have been on SL for just about 10 years now and I have really made some great "in world" friends. I have made transiitions with a few into the real world and chat on the phone or via text often. Well this weekend I actually got to meet an SL friend in RL. Awkward at first. We met at a "local to her" mall and had lunch then soon went to her house and had a wonderful dinner with her and her family. This is a person that I have been talking to for a really long time and I did feel safe in doing this. Although my husband was supportive he was not willing to tag along. I am curious to know if anyone else has had an experience like this, and how did it turn out?
  21. 90% seems specific... Where are those stats posted?
  22. Thank you for correcting me... It is how I learn.
  23. BTW! I am from Philadelphia and we say Avatar - Avitar... there is not much I can do about that. Merp
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