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  1. Well, that might be But I love the way it gets wet when I go in the water, and I have to wait in the sun (or shadow ) or use the included towel to get dry again And I actually got more compliments and attention from the guys wearing the wetsuit than I got wearing this
  2. New skin from Session and a new hobby Tried surfing first time ever at Kona Beach today! 🏄‍♂️
  3. Small girl, big trailer, dark night... A bit thoughtful before the first night in a new place!
  4. only changed my shoes, and bunny wants ice cream...
  5. WL: StrawberrySinghDotComDiamond (No processing except crop)
  6. Oh, stuff's happening here I see - LOL FWIW, here's the most bunny I do...
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