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  1. So something kinda funny happened and it has me slightly concerned and curious. I look in my received items and see two things I've purchased before back in 2016. There's no record of buying them in the marketplace transaction history. I contacted the seller and she said i bought them both back on 11/07/2018. She even showed me the purchase record, had my legacy name as the buyer, three days ago and also in 2016. And I didn't go to her store any time recently. Is this a possible gift from someone, because I never accepted any items and there was no message about a gift. or did SL have a stroke
  2. Okay, looks like they're investigating the issue now.
  3. Same here y'all. Login failed multiple times
  4. I cannot move with WASD. I can move with the arrow keys and the move HUD and by double clicking on the ground. I've tried everything, relogging, clearing cache, amd turning off and detaching and reattaching my ao, nothing seems to work. please assist. Edit: WASD is enabled, movelock is not activated and RLV is also not activated So it's not exactly not moving like frozen, more like this jerky movement trying to move with WASD and not really going anywhere, not even with flying. Arrow keys work fine but it's a pain and I'd rather use WASD. thank you so far for the help. At this point I just wan
  5. Hi there, I can't move, like at all. Only happened this morning. Evrything was fine last night until I logged off. No RLV is on, relogging, detaching my ao, reloading my ao all that didn't help and I ctill can't turn, move forward or backwards, etc. Please help. Thank you in advance
  6. After about five or ten minutes of gameplay it gives me the message and I close out the viewer. It has happened multiple times since yesterday and hasn't done it since. I'm running the most current version so me using an older version can be immediately ruled out. Is it possibly my GPU because that's been giving me issues lately. But if anyone thinks it is a viewer issue please let me know and if you can recommend a good mesh viewer that would be greatly appreciated. Here is the report from event viewer in microsoft Win 7 Pro Faulting application name: Firestorm-Release.exe, version:
  7. My friend got a teleport offer from me, even sent me a snapshot of the chat showing the offer to a sim we had been to two days ago, yet in my chat window there was nothing saying I had sent her a teleport offer, I was even in a totally different sim at the time. And I'm a hundred percent certain I didn't accidentally click the offer teleport button. Is this some sort of firestorm viewer bug? Has my account been hacked? I'm kind of freaking out about this. Any piece of information helps, thank you very much in advance.
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