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  1. Sure! Good luck with your NUMEROUS amount of searches lmao
  2. No, but it is a forum. I have the right to post anywhere! Do you not remember us having an interview? Wow! You are so unprofessional!! No wonder why you need help. Bless you!
  3. I wouldve loved to be your receptionist but your pay is way too low 😕 150 L a week!!! Sorry
  4. Just submitted my application for a host! 🙂
  5. Hello. I am interested in a receptionist position. Are you still hiring?
  6. Hello. I am looking for a receptionist job in SL. Looking for a generous, daily pay. Would like to work for a well known business. Please message me on SL at your earliest convenience with job details and how we can help one another. Be safe. Thank you! 🙂
  7. Thanks for posting this! Glad to be apart of the team 😄 xoxo
  8. I know this is old and I don't mean to bump but I had this problem and searched until I found this page ! Thank you SO MUCH Rolig Loon ! This worked for me
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