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  1. after torturing Alwin all day long...
  2. i'm pretty new in this too, you have a link for us? ƚԋαɳƙʂ ყσυ ʂσ ɱυƈԋ , ყσυ'ɾ αʅɯαყʂ ʂσ ɳιƈҽ αɳԃ ʂɯҽҽƚ 🤗
  3. avatars are born with male or female look, but without the attributes, you will have to find those yourself inworld, free or buy
  4. add a credit card, or try Skrill That it is denied is most likely because your bank does not allow direct withdrawel from paypal. Thats what LL has as requirement.
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