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  1. i'm pretty new in this too, you have a link for us? ƚԋαɳƙʂ ყσυ ʂσ ɱυƈԋ , ყσυ'ɾ αʅɯαყʂ ʂσ ɳιƈҽ αɳԃ ʂɯҽҽƚ 🤗
  2. wearing a slink body, the head is standard shape and normal skin (7DS) clothed it doesn't make a lot of difference. Just wanted to show that one above it's only in her mind to be a ruth when you'r having a standard look. For some of my clothes i use my standard avi, when playing with the sliders wisely, and keep the mod modest the results are not bad. It's often so sad what girls do to themself... most would be able to perform in "Botched" even without audition.
  3. this is standard, no mesh, some people have no idea what's possible with a standard avatar.
  4. avatars are born with male or female look, but without the attributes, you will have to find those yourself inworld, free or buy
  5. add a credit card, or try Skrill That it is denied is most likely because your bank does not allow direct withdrawel from paypal. Thats what LL has as requirement.
  6. Bobbie Faulds wrote: There are actually some good free/inexpensive reactive genitals. For instance, Fallen Gods uses a free one that they've color matched to their skins that they sell for 10L. Sensual Stoneworks also sell an inexpensive set on the MP for 50L. Both react appropriately with a hud. did you have a look at male genitals lately? Those you mention are just horrible, perhaps suiting some kind of zombie, but for a human? These are the same category as hugsies and whatever they are called more.
  7. . I am sure there are free genitals available inworld if you look. eww... free genitals... i didn't spend thousends on my look to get free genitals on my pixels...
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