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  1. I have long been a big fan of lumae. Very good quality and she puts out all appliers for just about everything into the package -- you don't get 'nickle and dimed' to death buying "this head applier" and "that skin applier". Plus, she is rebranding so all her current and past skins are on sale for 100L.
  2. Lowering price to 4000L for BOTH parcels -- the view to the north really is one of the better, unobstructed vistas I've seen that is available for this price.
  3. Selling two 512 lots on north side of Corsica. One is in Cradle which borders protected Linden Northsky Channel land and with great view of water http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cradle/249/242/60. Other adjoins it in Pelinir http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pelinir/3/249/71. I have basically used them as one 1024 parcel with house on one and garden and skybox on other. Selling both as one, asking L5,000. Email or im/notecard inworld to sweetlilcasey_resident
  4. I was wandering around the Spoonful of Sugar event which raises money for the very worthwhile "Doctors without Borders" program. It struck me that, as I read over the list of over 150 merchant participants, that there were few (if any) of the big stores in the mesh body/mesh head/skin categories. These are shops that people are spending a good bit of money in. I hope that the owners are finding ways to use some of their profits to give back to the global community that I don't know about. If they aren't, then shame on them for being so selfish when other smaller shops that don't make as much do! Personally, I would like to see the shops that ARE charitible make a good faith statement of policy (on their blogs/store fronts/marketplace listing) that they give some percent of their revenues to charitiable groups (either in sl or rl). I would certainly prefer to support a 'good corporate citizen' with my purchases over one that does't give back. Just think of the increased funds for all the needy causes in the world if everyone who shopped in SL brought their purchasing power to bear on the donation practices of designers' shops!
  5. The order history feature in the marketplace can be a useful tool but could be greatly improved. Avatars can have 100+ pages of purchases dating back to their first day in sl. However, the list can not be sorted or key word searched. These would be very helpful additions, as would be the ability to download the data into a spreadsheet or database
  6. The Aeros products look good and are easy to use for those that wouldn't otherwise waste time to learn how to tint their penises. I am neither promiscuous or virginal, but I don't think I've ever had a partner with sensations. That said, I am rather bored seeing nothing but Aeros genitalia everywhere I go. Xcite may be outdated, I am not sure, but they make excellent eye candy. Besides, that old adage is even more true in sl - it is not what you have, it is how you use it!
  7. Actually I have the same problem and I am not going for an extreme size either. My boobs always seem to peek through many different designers tops (both Belleza specific and fit mesh) primarily because there are not enough alpha cuts I think. More maddening is that trying to fix the problem by changing shape doesn't work and moving sliders smaller actually makes them bigger! This problem is the same on the dozens of shapes I have tried. (And yes, the mesh nipples are off.) This not a problem with the other mesh bodies I have and think the update with rerigging the freya is faulty. It is a shame because the body is nice and hud is super. I would not recommend anyone buying the freya until they fix the rigging.
  8. As a consumer, I agree the marketplace search is worse than before. Use of 'NOT demo' to search seems to bring up more demos than products. Merchants are sinking themselves by making the mp even less useable by so many adding all sorts variations to bypass the old 'not demo' function. I also think linden labs needs to enforce how items get key worded to stop this practice. It is absolutely rediculous to do a search for "free NOT demo" and end up with not only demos but items that are priced well over free. Or maybe, we can get some voluntary self-policing by merchants to stop the practice. I for one would prefer to give my money to a group of merchants that adhere to a stated public policy of not manipulating descriptions and key words to mislead buyers into looking at their products.
  9. lovely sim...thank you for posting info about it
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