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  1. So i was wondering if its possible to wear a long sleeved sweater with a long sleeved jacket. As of now they collide with each other when i put them on together. and i can understand why. But is there a way to hide, lets say, the sweaters sleeves so it wont collide with the jacket or something?
  2. Well **bleep**, i done goofed i guess. I can now wear the shirt without anything peaking through, and thanks for the lesson too! The things you dont know, haha!
  3. Hello, I'm having a problem.. Alot of clothes i try, and one that i actually bought, doesnt fit my Belleza Freya skin even tho i use the one that should fit it. Here is a picture of what i mean http://imgur.com/a/zesZ6 Also tried do add the alpha that comes with the shirt, but that doesnt help either. Im still quite new to this game, so if you guys could help me it would be great!
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