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  1. I was able to get this latest Oculus-ready viewer to work. You may recall they Linden Lab released one almost two years ago... that one showed so much promise... it was gorgeous and worked so very well! I was really expecting something special with this latest attempt. Here's what I got instead: Now, you may recall that Linden Lab made an Oculus-Ready build back in 2014. Here's what that looked like: or this: WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED?
  2. Great questions, but I'd like to add a third! 3) Given all the new facial bones and finger bones, Ockam's Razor suggests that Linden Lab telegraphing its plans to drive both hierarchies through markerless facial feature tracking (like FaceShift) and finger/hand tracking (like Leap Motion.) Given that, would it be possible to record face/hand performances on the server side to store as a reusable animations-- without the need to use a 3rd party recording tool-- being able to record a performance in-world (and in context) is key?
  3. Hello, fellow residents! I find myself absolutely fascinated by the long, storied history of Second Life's Marketplace and in-world economy, but I can't find any good roll-ups of all the anecdotal stories from the people who've lived it or been affected by its undulations. So, being the social person that I am, I thought I'd post to these forums and see what I turn up! I am vaguely aware of a few stories, just to get us started: 1) The "bed industry" was briefly affected by someone dropping the price of their high-quality beds to L$0, creating a race-to-the-bottom issue all in one fe
  4. Why doesn't Linden Lab respond issue press releases in response to news stories about "new" developments in the broader VR industry? For example, when AltspaceVR, ConVRge, and Oculus crow about their latest developments-- they're very often pale shadows of what has been available in Second Life for years and years. The latest case in point would be the somewhat-out-of-touch VR industry getting excited over Oculus' latest "Social Alpha" project, wherein up to five people can log into a virtual space, stay fixed in their "chairs," and watch Vimeo and Twitch. By contrast, we here in Second Lif
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