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  1. Looking for someone to ReCreate my Real tattoos for my maitreya body im willing to pay obviously and can provide pictures for what id like done. Send me a notecard with some samples of your work and i will send you what id like recreated my inworld name is Taryn kramer ( username ) Tarbear4life look Forward to working with you
  2. I was looking to start my own club and was looking for a business partner. everything from Responsibilities and payments would be shared equally. we would work on the rules , ideas, themes , hiring everything would be shared and open. im looking for a partner because i have tried to have business's before by myself and they have failed cause its alot for me to try and do by myself. to protect both sides of the partnership we would make a contract and we would both sign it. If your interested in this idea and wish to work with me please message me on Second Life or comment below my username on SL is Tarbear4life (lilith allen kramer) do not be fooled by my profile being a kid picture i will be changing to adult profile if the club idea gets going and if i find a partner.
  3. hey everyone theres often times where im up latenights with no ones to talk to i play a 4 yr old in SL and im looking for some friends my SL Age to hangout with that are up late hours IM me in world at Tarbear4life D: im lonely
  4. hey errybody i made a discord so everybody can meet friends that play secondlife :D https://discord.gg/GsWNyDN so thats a thing :D join it ;-; im the only one in it rn
  5. im looking for some test bunnies o.o im learning photoshop and i need some models to help me :P its 100% free its just some time spent with lil ol me xD and ey a free picture out of it? so if your intrested please message me at Tarbear4life :)
  6. im looking for some test bunnies o.o im learning photoshop and i need some models to help me :P its 100% free its just some time spent with lil ol me xD and ey a free picture out of it? so if your intrested please message me at Tarbear4life :)
  7. i plan on opening my own Public parceland im in need of some help with stuff so i need a personal assistant to help me ^-^ funds will be discussed during interveiw :) things you must have Good looking avi < - my assistant will represent me so they must look presentable. Good Typeing skillz< - my grammer /spelling sucks i need somone that can auto correct me on my notes or write them for me properly. :P i wanna be profesinal after all ^^' MIC IS A MUST <-- YOU MUST be able to mic so that i dont have to type all the damn time im trying to figure so many things out for this parcel i cant be souly focus'd on reading chat i need to be able to hear what your saying its okay to type sometimes but i must be able to hear you at some times aswell. Basic SL knowlage<-- if i have to tell you how to save an outfit then we have a problem please be aware. that you know your veiwer//SL before applying Nerd/Game/Cartoon Knowlage<-- this parcel is based off a videogame - mixed with cartoons so basic knowlage of such things would be helpful if you have nver played or heard of the video game the area is based off do some research and then re apply :P if your still intrested ^-^ (the game is overwatch) so if you meet this quota and you wanna apply for the job :D message Tarbear4life and ill send you an application <3
  8. looking to build a public Parcel could use help i need the following builders, - paid position landscapers,Paid position Assistants, paid position Admins, un paid but gifted randomly lol if intrested in helping me IM me @ Tarbear4life :) thank you
  9. Name: ruby :DD Age: Rl: 21 sl: 5-21 i change it up somtimes ^-^ do you play multi avis?: no but i play multi ages :o ^ Were you from? : Canada :DD Ontario ^.^ time zone? : EST :3 when are you online: as long as im not asleep im online xD #nolife hobbies? : Drwho, DC/Marvel , Buffy, charmed, Supernatural,Timburton,Anime,Disney,Littlemermaid,Mermaids , elfs, vampires, Orange is the new black, Netflix, Ramen, Korean dramas, Sushi, Hello kitty, Steam punk, My little pony, comic books, tumblr, Deviantart, Etsy, ebay, Gaia, Ps3,Xbox, Skype, Micing, Pokemon, So much more but id be here all day xDDDDD Dislikes: SPIDERS, Bullies, bugs , death, pain, sickness, the dark, thunder, lighting, socks , (wearing skirts irl) , picky fabrics , black and white movies, math , being bored, being lonely, cough medicine, hot days , cold days, hang nails, moths, Flys, when people bump into me Irl, what are you looking for ?: im looking for a bestie!!!!! i need a bestfriend to tell secrets too and talk about boys too and gossip to go shopping with and play games with n just have fun with im really mostly doing all that stuff by myself >- > which is kinda sad so i need somone to do it with ^-^ so if your reading this going hey this girl is fricken rad cus lesbehonest i am lol then we could tottaly be BFF TILL THE END GURRLLL lol im honestly just looking for someone to be weird with and have fun with XP more info about you: im Bisexual and autistic and i love to be weird :3 and random :DD and brutally honest with people O uO so if u have a nice butt ima be like >_ > nice butt o. o thas just me c: your Profile card: :DD hit me up if you liked me heres my card *hands it to you like the joker* Tarbear4life
  10. hey thurr so me and my boyfriend want to start a ask blog since we cant draw XD um so if your intrested please message me ^_^ Tarbear4life or Email me Tarbear4life@gmail.com PS. If your wondering about Pay we will be setting up a pay pal so the vewiers can donate to you and when me and my boyfriend get jobs we will also donate too :) so thats how you will get paid P:
  11. Hey! im looking for a bestfriend ^_^ obviously according to the title.. lol... im not picky but i want somone whos got style cares about they're appearance whos weird querky trusting ^_^ loyal willing to just be complete an utter B F F's like you see on tumblr. LOL i really want somone to just gossip and shop with i go on IMVU and on Second life im on both :D so i need somone whos willing to be on both aswell. also somone who mic's and skypes ^_^ bff's have to mic and skype duh im in Canada. so if your in canada even better! but if your not i dont care. im looking to find my forever friend ^_^ i really hope that i find somone <3 im into DR who comic books sifi supernatural stuff likevampires zombies monsters mermaids and all that stuff i love stores like hottopic and spencers. :o if your intrested in being my BFF please IM Tarbear4life :DD or Add my imvu RiiRiiii<-- or message my imvu saying that you wanna be friends and ill add you first ^_^ KAY well im gonna stop rambleing :DDD byeeeeee
  12. i have an idea for a store but i need somone to make the products as i dont know how to make mesh it would be the partner would get 50% of the profit id get the rest id come up with outfit ideas pay for land for the store and do advertiseing ect ect we'd share profit on the store and maybe you could even teach me mesh ^_^ so you wouldnt have to do it all by yourself :D this would be a friendship and a partnership the store doesnt have a name yet but i have the first 2 outfits planned out already i just need help making them :) if intrested please IM Tarbear4life
  13. im having a block party Shopping event please if your intrested in participaiting please contact Tarbear4life ^_^
  14. :D block Party Shopping event needs shop owners and creators :D its at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaire15/67/67/25 just a small gathering the priceing for the booth isnt too high please Contact Tarbear4life for information ^_^
  15. yello people im looking for a roleplay buisness partner somone to help me with my land and running my parcel its a family roleplay community parcel and i need help running it and setting it up and planning events and all that stuff if your intrested in being my partner please IM me :D Tarbear4life is my username :D
  16. i have a idea for a store but i need somo ne to make the mesh clothes so if your intrested please IM or Send me a nc Tarbear4life is my inworld name and you will be paid for your efforts :)
  17. I have an idea for a store but i need a mesh creator details will be explained upon meeting :) IM Tarbear4life or send a nc :)
  18. i have an idea for a store but i need a mesh creator !!! its a paid position !!! please IM ME :D Tarbear4life or send me a nc :D
  19. hello i have this idea for a store but i dont know how to make mesh clothes. i can texture them they just have to create them as a gray scale or they can texture and create them aswell if theyd like basically im looking for a beusiness partner for a store you'd have to be able to make shirts/accessories/shoes/pants i have ideas for outfits already i just cant make them >_< im trying to learn but its a failing process so maybe as my partner you could teach me aswell and then we can also build together :) i will pay you um pay will be nogotible when we meet dw im not gonna ripp you off and make you do this for free xD beisness partner you will get money out of it! so please IM Tarbear4life with a notecard or an IM either or will work :D and lemme know ^_^
  20. hey um so my friends cant see whats on my tv and im just wondering what i can do to help them its a Vea Tv and it works for me and my sister and my mom o_o but not for my daughter and my boyfriend and im not sure what to do could somone please help me?
  21. hey :D well like it says above im Ready to work ^-^ i have 2 years experience in editing photos and im also a photographer in SL i usually just take photos for friends and family but ive been inspired to do it for others so ! if intrested please look me up in world and send me a Note card or a IM my name is Tarbear4life im almost always online unless im sleeping i have a link in my profile to my edits website were i do commisions and then i will also be making a pick for my portfolio after im done making this so :) please feel free to check those out :D ok ill stop rambleing ^.^ Also pay is Nigotible i dnot have any set prices as of now so im sure we can agree on somthine reasonable :)
  22. Heyyo im looking for a twin/sister my style is usually gothic/nerdy/ girly im into really dorky stuff like DR who and harry potter hello kitty batman harley quinn and like i love music and movies horror movies are my favorite im in my 20s irl i have a really Silly personality and im weird and querky id like my twin to kinda be silly with me and dorky like me my hobbies includ video games and shopping O.O i love shopping im looking for a Toddleedoo Twin ( if your an adult avi and wish to become a TD to be my twin i will buy you a TD o.o) um my Avis RP age is 5 years old i do have parents and a place to live hoping that somone takes me up on this ^_^ also we dont have to be identical twins but id like if we had the same outfits on but we can have diffrent color'd hair / eyes if you'd prefer to have some originality ^_^ im very flexable :3 everythings nagotiable even the outfits so dont think im stubborn about how i want my twin to be cus as long as i have a twinie and she looks somewhat like me and we get along i dont care ^.^ k so IM Tarbear4life if intrested or leave a comment here ill be checking both hope to hear from you soon BYES <333
  23. im looking for a job i have many skills which include Stylist Makovers photographer Editor(of photos) Blogger Dj manager Real estate texturer counsler. roleplayer. If you need any of the listed things please IM me my username is Tarbear4life :D
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