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Found 27 results

  1. NinjaYazz

    Looking for like-minded RP partner.

    Looking for someone who has the time to roleplay with me at a modern urban sim. I play a drug addicted hooker, and am para/semi para roleplayer. Looking for someone playing a man, rather the low life kind who also takes drugs. Someone who wants to cause IC trouble with my character and someone who has an avatar that is up to date, or willing to update it. Which I can help with. I don't feel like saying too much, just want to simply personally talk to people, and see who I can see eye to eye with. I rather not make this post look like a list of demands.
  2. asrielleashworth

    Looking For..... Partner/Family

    Teen girl looking for a man or woman who wants to age down to a teen between the ages of 14 to 17 possibly 18, before you ask why i love playing a teen but would love to have a boyfriend in roleplay to go on dates with to the prom and so on and even go to school with. if this interests you let me know. now i say boyfriend but i am open to girlfriend as well. im also looking to making new friends as well to hang with as a teen i play a 16yr old girl. anyways message me inworld. might want to nc me cause i get capped. asrielleashworth Resident. also looking for a family as well if i can find one.
  3. Hi there, I'm a new user of this world, and been looking forward to explore my kinky side in this world with a partner/dom/master who shares the same interest and ideas on making BDSM fantasies come true Please add and message me if you are interested and looking for a submissive. About me : I'm a 31 yo asian female who actively into bdsm in submissive roleplay, i'm mostly into fetishes of kidnaped, DiD, shibari, bondage, predicament, breathplay, forced orgasm and any other kind of master fetishes
  4. So I am curious to know has anyone married their SL partner in RL? If so are you still together and in love. Do you still get in SL together? and if you do is SL still fun?
  5. TarBear4life

    Looking for a business partner

    I was looking to start my own club and was looking for a business partner. everything from Responsibilities and payments would be shared equally. we would work on the rules , ideas, themes , hiring everything would be shared and open. im looking for a partner because i have tried to have business's before by myself and they have failed cause its alot for me to try and do by myself. to protect both sides of the partnership we would make a contract and we would both sign it. If your interested in this idea and wish to work with me please message me on Second Life or comment below my username on SL is Tarbear4life (lilith allen kramer) do not be fooled by my profile being a kid picture i will be changing to adult profile if the club idea gets going and if i find a partner.
  6. Hey! I'm Athena,Im 19 - Ive been in SL longer than probably should be.. '<_<.. >_>' I'm usually bubbly,fun,have a extremely creative and imaginative side. -but just like everyone else I have my demons. Typically youll catch me rpin' - doing photography or creating things for my store. I wanna find an SL only partner,as I already have a rl bf (yes,I know some people have their own ideas of what is and isnt okay in sl and have a rl bf and sl bf is weird.) however! what would make my sl more complete? finding my partner here.. Someone who is just as laid back,funny,creative - isnt afraid of bad jokes (or making them)...and just is overall a great person,if your interested in getting to know me - IM me ! inworld is AStormieDay Heres a few photos of my avi!
  7. GriffinGoddess

    Join the family!

    Currently we have three siblings and a butler living with us. We still have 3 rooms available. We would like to bring more people into our family! The siblings are adult avi's and hoping for parents/parent. Two of us are also looking for a partner in hopes to eventually adopt or have a child. Here is our site https://kaleidoscopeclan.enjin.com/ Pictures of current family members are there in "Household Members" and "Photos" You can also view what the home looks like there. We use XeoLife HUD(it's free) and all my furniture is compatible. If you would like to know more please message me in-game or the site. We also have "FAQ" tab on site as well.
  8. I am new to this game and am very interested in a sexual relationship with a girl. I am a male just to confirm. It would also be cool if you could help me learn the game, as it's pretty overwhelming. Looking forward to a reply!
  9. dymond Southmoor

    Roleplay Community Partners

    Hello, looking for a partner or two to join our team in starting a family roleplay community. If your interested please contact me inworld at dymond southmoor ..
  10. Hello there, I have been in SL for few months now and I am interested in helping someone in building his/her sim or store or anything. I won't demand anything for my help (it's fine if you want to give something though ). I am doing this to have some experience in building, maintaining and increasing traffic in a sim. I am not a bothering person and will respect every rule and regulations of your sim :). feel free to IM inworld or reply here. Thank you ^^
  11. Hello I am a 29 year old female in rl and secondlife and am seeking a partner of the same age or older. I want someone who can emotional support me and is open minded. I have two online dads/ one of which who is also my dom. I live on their land so you do not need to have a house. I would however like an account that is over a year old as I feel they would be less likely to take off without warning. Be warned I am a full time artist so if I don't answer don't panic. I do like to run around stores and events [i love collecting gifts or do hunts] so It would be nice if you did to or didn't mind iming me while i did so. I am planning on becoming a blogger so I'd like you to support me in this endeavor. If your avi is a child one please donot apply as i am not looking for that. Please note im not looking for a rl partner so this would be inworld only. In recap, looking for an open minded, emotionally supportive man or woman of my own age with a good personality who either like to follow someone to different stores or doesn't mind im while i do.
  12. who's into cuckolding . Dm me if you're interested. (In client or on here.)
  13. After a few years being away I'd like to make of SL my home and business investment again. I am looking for a good business to invest in, that has a lot of potential for growth, fun, challenging and that appeals for me to work with every day. for example, it could be: * CLUBS *STUDIOS *AGENCIES *REAL ESTATES *SHOPS I would be willing to invest a very good amount of LINDEN into it and that we can discuss in private if you are interested. I want to be able to turn that invest back into profits right away though, So I would need for you to show me a good plan of your business and how it has been working so far. I do have experience in managing businesses in SL if you wonder, but that was a couple of years ago. I need to get back on track with a few learning tools here but I am a fast learner so that won't be a problem. Looking forward to hearing some interesting propositions :-) cheers!! please do leave your replies here with your name and I will contact you inworld. thanks.
  14. I am looking for my forever in second life. I tend to find myself blindly going round assuming roles but not really enjoying it. So heres the pitch i want to be somewhere that i feel wanted. I will do any roleplay no limits. I have alot lindens to remaster my avi and someone elses if needed.
  15. Hey everyone, Im looking for friends and a girlfriend My name is Skye, (Amy Paterson) i am 37 and looking for some friends and a girlfriend. I am pretty laid back and go with the flow. i love to shop and have fun play board games, I love to decorate and landscape, Take lots of pictures and go to fashion events like c88 and k9, I have a sister that is my best friend, And i want to find more friends to hang out with and bring in to our small family, My sister and i make our own music videos, they arent really impressive, but we love doing it. I would love someone with the following qualities, *Funny *Sweet *Loving *Outgoing *Fashionista *Don't mind taking 45004534 million pictures LOL *Puts up with ourr crazzyy sheeeets looool *Feels like apart of the family. *Silly *AND LOVES DANCE PARTYS * Speaks english and spanish and loves spanish and English music! (Not required but would love) If you want to be apart of our family, as a friend or a girlfriend = you get to date me. Please message me in world or on here, Amy paterson.. Thanks for reading my post ♥♥♥
  16. Alveolita

    Wanted partner

    Hello all. I am a woman, 35 years old, I live in Argentina, I run my SL every day, I am almost always connected. I consider myself calm, dedicated to what I do. I am not going out to parties much, I prefer the simplest things and with less people around. I do not look for relationships for RL, only for SL. I am looking for a person who likes to be in SL, who spends time connected here. A partner for my SL. Especially speaking Spanish, be kind, companion and patient. We share things together, and if you like to design better yet, more things to share. A male, over 35 years of age. And preferably have experience in Second Life (not new accounts). If you are interested and are looking for a partner like me, get in touch with me and we chat
  17. Qeeun2


    ~^`Hiya I am Valerie 25 years old. I am looking for love. Ofcourse first friends and then looking how far it come's. I love music and Love to shop XD.I have Flickr as well. I love making pictures but Not that much I am busy with it LOL. Don't have a family right now, But I am always open to have one. I am not into the cam, voice stuff some people are and that's fine, but not for me sorry. I am straight so looking for a men.`^~
  18. Hintswen Guardian

    Business partner required

    I have an existing Rental agency which has been going strong for over 5 years already. The business is already profitable and turns a profit every single month. We currently own land in Bay city and Nautilus and have a bot for direct group invites. I am currently looking at expanding and I am looking for a business partner to help with this. As a business partner you will be paid a share of profits but you will be responsible for a share of the tier costs as well. There will also be costs associated with purchasing the new land which I am already sorting out. This can be negotiated however so I'll give you more details upon application. The successful applicant will be given a trial period in which no payments will need to be made. Your responsibilities as a co owner include but are not limited to: Creating displays/decorating land (rezzing houses, adding scenery etc.). Advertising and bringing in renters. Responding to queries from tenants. Contacting tenants when their rent is overdue, evicting people who do not pay. Keeping tenants within their land and prim allowances. Paying part of the tier costs (although you will be paid for rented land so once everything is up and running this should cover the tier). As a partner, you will also be offered a skybox to live in above our HQ rent free. For all enquirers and to apply contact Hintswen Guardian in world by IM, no notecards please.
  19. Hello all, I was wondering where should be the best option to post a search for a partner. I read in some threads that those should be post on the adult section. However it seems very flexible in terms where you post this type of ad. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Kamep
  20. SL Name: Taryn Kramer (tarbear4life) ---------------------------- SLT+3 ------------------------------------------------------------ Looking for: Dominant -------------------------------------------------------------------------- About me:Im 22 irl and i have a really kind personality im bubbly and silly with a dorky/nerdy sense of personality i love horrormovies and disney movies and just being myself i aim to make my Daddy happy. and not disipoint ^^ i can be bratty but its all in good fun not to make him angry i like laid back areas where i can be myself. <3 ------------------------------------------------------------------- what im looking for: im looking for a daddy that i can be myself around and that doesnt presure me to do things im uncomfterble with . i want to be happy! and make a connection and not just be a play thing im a babygirl not a play thing please treat me like im your partner not just some toy. ^-^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- i voice and skype and discord i play ps4 and have a SL family :3 Dealbreakers: No way to voice Heavy and thick accents ( Exceptions include, Brits, Aussies, Scotts, New Zealands ) Prim / NON mesh Avatars Loud Screaming/noises ( im autistic please be respectful of my ears and my noise senseitivity )
  21. ellow im alex aka alexarosey id like to find a seocdlife partner id like to get to know you of corse i find my self always being solo every where id like to take the time to get to know some one a little bit about me :im 21 from canada im an artist im learning to cook and dance i like to feel sexy and cute i also do photography to i edit my own pictures i also write poems and write songs poems to
  22. mrwhitesday

    bussiness partner needed

    i need ppl that can bring in experience and needed help I have a full sim and am 3months old in SL just open my first club and need a partner for my next club to come, please IM mrwhitesday to contact me about it
  23. Ivy Namiboo

    Seeking for partner

    Second life is very boring to play alone without partner, so I seek for a partner now. Pls contact me in SL. Thank you for reading.
  24. NataliaAdele

    Looking for a job

    I'm 55 days old in second life.I'm looking for a job here.No preferences Anybody kindly help me
  25. NataliaAdele

    Looking for a job

    I'm 55 days old in second life.I'm looking for a job here.No preferences Anybody kindly help me