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  1. Hey there, so, i'm not sure where to ask this question. But, i'm using the latest version of Firestorm. and i'm wondering is there a setting somewhere in Firestorm where I can turn off name change notifications? It's basically when i'm alerted when someone changes their name such as Cleve (cleveland brown) is now known as Cleveland. ( just to name an example ), even though they're not on my friends list. And it's super annoying when it spams my notifications / nearby chat bar.
  2. So, I just recently got a new PC ( running windows 11 ) and I came across a weird issue when it came to gestures. I can't seem to play any gestures with my usual "Shift 4" key while running or walking backwards with the W A S D layout ( using the S key to move backwards while doing Shift 4 for context ) but it doesn't give me the issue when im using the regular arrow keys. The weird thing is, it seems to be just Shift + 4 when it comes to gestures. It works fine if I use Shift + 1, 2 , 3, 5 etc etc etc while im walking backwards with the S key but doesn't want to work with Shift 4 for whatever reason. I never had this problem before on my old PC back when Windows 8.1 was still relevant where I was able to do that. I'm wondering, is this a bug? A setting in windows? A setting in firestorm that I need too turn off? I haven't touched anything in Firestorm since getting W11 aside from the occasional graphic / display settings. But that's really it. i'm using Firestorm version 6.6.16 btw
  3. Alright good to know, in that case I will reframe from creating that avatar considering i dont want to get in trouble with LL or Activision for that matter
  4. Yeah I read that a while back, however I'm not very good at reading copyright stuff X.x so I would actually need a straight forward answer if someone can do that please
  5. Hey all Im curious about something. Is Cynder from The Legend Of Spyro games off limits in terms of avatar creation? I see only a few mods of Cynder and Spyro on the Second Life marketplace. However I would be doing these textures for my own usage, meaning I will not sell it and earn a profit off of it. But I would like to know if Cynder from The Legend Of Spyro series is off limits or not first before I do anything. So could someone please clarify this for me please? Thanks in Advance
  6. Okay so this is majorly confusing for me but to put it mildly. Lets say you know your friend has left SL all together, and you delete his / her calling card. But it somehow re-appears in your inventory. Like say they left Second Life around 2014, you delete their card somepoint in 2016 yet this shows up Creator: (name) Owner: (name) Acquired: April 22nd, 11:16:49 2016 Could someone explain to me if thats just SL giving me a new calling card cause I deleted previous ones, or is that SL's way of saying "Your friend never left Second Life and that's when they were last online"
  7. Hey All Im trying too figure out how too use my PS4 controller for Fly Cam, but the whole Y, X and Z Axis is VERY confusing for me. And when I try too move the camera it only goes a couple inches and when I let go of the joystick my camera gets STUCK in the spot and when I try too move it, it shoots even more off too the left, gets stuck there and I have too reset the camera position ALL over again. This is very frustrating and confusing. I know my Ps4 camera works with it, but it's just...irritating Does anyone know how too fix this / allow my freecam too move freely without any hindering? my Y axis is at like 38.00, Z is 28.00 and X is at 30.00 as well Though I dont know if thats because all my Deadzone stuff is set at 0.10 or what.
  8. I try to use my Ps4 controller but the camera doesnt let me go very far at all, it only lets me go a few inches and I dont know how too fix that X.x
  9. Okay so im running windows 8.1 and I have a EnvyPhoenix Desktop where it automatically installs any controller I have. But the thing is I dont want too use my controller for Flycam unless if it's absolutely neccesary So I am wondering is there a way to do Flycam on Firestorm with just the mouse and keyboard? Or Do I need to use my Ps4 controller? Considering thats the only thing I have. And even then my Ps4 controller doesnt seem like it wants too co-operate with Second Life Very well. Any help would be appreciated please!
  10. Just basically curious if you can get a virus in Second Life from accepting landmarks. Or visiting certain Sims? Havent really found a topic of this anywhere
  11. BAsically self explinatory as well, can I still get e-mail notifications from IM's if I had "Email me IM's when im offline" when I deleted my account / had it on hold? I'm asking this cause a friend has had his account on hold for like 18 months and he has noticed his account still hasnt been completely deleted since I told him I still have his calling card and can IM him. But dunno if I IM him if he'll get the Email notification that I had IMed him. Lastly, is there a complete way too 100% completely delete an account? Rather than pick "delete account" because thats what my friend did, he chose "delete account" and it put his account on hold instead.
  12. Alright thank you, what if my account is on hold though? Will I still not be able too recieve IM's directed towards me e-mail? Since there's a feature in the "chat tab" about recieving e-mails. Like as in, I choose too delete my account but it goes onto hold instead? Like sending them an IM by opening their contact card too IM them that way?
  13. Basically what the title says. But i suppose I should say is, if I delete my account or a friend deletes his or her account can they still recieve offline e-mail IMs? Or Me personally, this is just a question that has had me curious for a little while is all.
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