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  1. So 1 linden is too much for the body but 5000 linden isn't? How are you not implying the body is overpriced here? Have a seat. I'm not here to fight. If you read my replies to this thread from the beginning you'll understand where I'm coming from. God, shower me in accusations of being affiliated with TMP for this one, but: I believe many things make this body competitive. I feel like the look of this body alone should make all body creators out there feel uneasy. The body offers a unique look, it works great for both skinny and thick women, the body has realistic curves that
  2. I tried to dodge that question but since many asked - I realized I shouldn't have mentioned anything about sales and I don't expect anyone to see it as a fact. Is this a serious question? I mean you've got to be illiterate if you don't understand why I called you out for that. I know very well you never said it's overpriced but the way you said it indirectly implied so. Again, very bold for someone who sells single animations for L$300. Talking about 'people don't have that kind of money'. Give me a break.
  3. I never implied that their body was better than other bodies out there. I was merely saying that if a creator, regardless of reputation, has a product that is better than what I'm currently using, then I won't hesitate for a second to ditch my old product for a new and improved one. I could have worded that better. And gurl you can reality check me all you want. I take great pleasure in that. That's respectable. I just think your complaints around their prices are bold considering you're selling a 'reading a book' animation on MP for a whopping $L300.
  4. They sold 5,200 something bodies in their first 24 hours. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say 'most of us'. I understand 5,200 residents aren't a majority but it's a great portion of the people who buy lindens on a regular basis. I'm not much for conspiracy theories, but perhaps you forum people are a bunch of stingy broads who feel like your money is too good for a community you spend more time on than you do with your hubbies. And this is coming from someone who has an average 9-5, high expenses and a mediocre salary. God knows where you guys are in society. Certainly not
  5. Why is money so highly regarded in Second Life? That's 20 bucks. You probably spend that on Starbucks in 2 days on your way to the train. Let's be real. I'm not trying to convince you to buy the body. I'm just trying to make you appreciate competition among creators. What's the point of being emotionally attached to a virtual product to a point where you refuse to be open to new ones? And I know, TMP don't have the best reputation, I have too been stranded in their anxiety-awakening sim with no support in the past, but if they have a product that is better than what I'm currently sit
  6. Why, it's something us consumers benefit from. The more competitors the better. Of course we're not gonna buy all of the bodies but if the boundaries are constantly challenged then we'll move forward. Maybe Onyx, or whatever her name is, finally crawls out of her den again like she did when the bento craze took SL by storm, and spoils us with some new features. Or maybe she's thrown off the top by somebody better?
  7. Doesn't necessarily mean they are trying to hide a broken feature. Perhaps it's just a strategy to make you purchase the body. I'm sure it's not flawless because then they'd be bragging about it in the demo folder but I feel like people should try and be more optimistic. Are we going to hold on to our Maitreya bodies for the rest of Second Life's existence? It's a new and interesting approach. People complain about the price but if this body allows you to wear clothing that aren't specifically designed for the body you're wearing then maybe that L$5,000 isn't so bad after all.
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