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  1. I don't know who's most popular or considered the best but... Truth is still good for hair. I also like CATWA and Damselfly. Dura is good for short styles... unless you're ginger, since most of their reddish tones are kind of odd. little.bones is nice but I mostly like them for their wild colors, though they do have more realistic ones as well...
  2. Yes. There's two steps: selling the $L and then if you want them in your bank account (as opposed to your Second Life account, to pay fees and such), process credit. Note that there are fees in both directions so it's very possible you'll get less back than you put in. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Buying-and-selling-Linden-dollars/ta-p/700107
  3. There are a lot of places to get free clothing, hair, etc. in Second Life, but so far the best I've found is Free Dove. They also have free to use changing rooms so you can change without showing everyone your naked body. I'd also advise you to try the various "classic" avatars you can get to under Me -> Choose an avatar (I think), which look pretty good, and you should be able to mix and match their items... like the clothing from one, plus the hair from another. There are also blogs that post freebies and deals. So far my favorite is FabFree If you want to earn some in-game money, you can try Linden Realms, which is sort of a minigame. It's not a lot of money quickly, but if you don't have another source of $L it can be good to start you off, and since it's an official Linden Lab thing you know it's safe. I would agree that it's probably best to try SL for a little while and see if you like it before you decide to spend money on it. Liking or hating it is very personal, and partly depends on finding people you like and places that suit you.
  4. Trinity is right, but I would like to add that if you for whatever reason need to replace items rather than add something, it`s possible to associate a listing with a different folder... so you add the new folder to your Marketplace Listings inworld, then right click on the folder and select "Associate Listing". It'll ask you for the listing number when you do that. Then you can just delete the old folder. In your current situation it's probably easier to use Trinity's suggested method, though.
  5. For a mesh avatar you wouldn't want to wear the alpha included with the clothing, chances are you already have an alpha hiding your system avatar. Instead it should come with a HUD you can use to hide parts of the avatar. If it's just a bit of skin sticking through, try that.
  6. Alternately, you can set your land so everyone can rez there, but in that case I would recommend turning on autoreturn (by setting the number to something bigger than 0).
  7. I own a parcel of mainland, and right along the border between my land and one of the neighbor's, it seems like there's sort of an invisible ridge. As in, the land itself appears to be more or less flat, but when I walk over the spot, my avatar climb up into the air, well above the apparent level of the ground. It's not a stray piece of invisible mesh or prim - nothing shows up with ctrl + alt + T, and the neighbor in question is only using 6 LI, all of it in one object some distance from the parcel edge. Nor are any of my objects near there. Both parcels are in the same region, if it matters. I doubt I can do anything about it because most of the issue is on my neighbor's land but I'm curious why this would happen. Is this a known bug? Should I report it?
  8. Owning a Linden Home won't prevent you from bidding in an auction, just so you know (I've done it). However, if you own one and win the auction without abandoning the home first, it'll make you tier up (you'll have to pay more money because you exceeded your land allowance, even if the plot you won was 512 meters). I don't know how long the delay after upgrading is, but it ought to be less than a month, since I was able to bid 28 days after upgrading (I didn't try before then).
  9. In theory it ought to be possible *if* there is an applier for the body your customer uses but I really have no idea beyond that.
  10. It doesn't solve the problem, but for those trying to search for cheap things without going through pages and pages of demos... use boolean search. What I mean is search for "search term NOT demo" such as "glasses NOT demo" (without the quotes). This will exclude all the listings with the word demo in the title. Note that NOT has to be in all caps. Now, unfortunately some demo listings have D E M O or d.e.m.o etc., instead but it does at least cut down on the demo listings.
  11. I don't know why, but I'm having the same issue. I can't wear them from Me -> Choose and Avatar and when I look through my Library I don't see anything that looks like it should be them. There's a number of outfits under Clothing -> Initial Outfits, including the mesh avatars and the older classic avs (Female City Outfit, Female Goth Outfit, etc.) but I gather the new classic avatars have names and all the named avs I see are mesh. It's as though they weren't added to my Library? Or am I looking in the wrong place? ETA: I tried clearing my cache, and nothing.
  12. Thanks everyone! I've picked up the freebies from each store, and I think I'm going to use a combination of them, and probably buy a few individual animations to supplement it... seems like every set has some animations or poses I like a lot, and some I really don't. It's nice to finally have better walk, run, and typing animations in particular.
  13. Hi, I just came back to Second Life after several years' absence, now trying to make a new avvie. Left before meshes went live but after sculpties and flexies, so I mostly have old prim stuff, no AO, and have no idea which stores are considered good these days. I've already located some nice skins and things (probably going with the Clef de peau skin now at TMD). Soooo... if anyone could point me in the direction of some nice male AOs I could look at, preferably on the affordable end, I would appreciate it. I'd like something with a youthful, light on his feet feel. I'm going for a slim but athletic look, not too into macho poses. ETA: tomorrow's my 10-year SL anniversary O.O
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