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  1. Good luck, I'm looking for that for almost a year now. All people want is one night stand
  2. What are you talking about. There are lots of people who don't voice or cam. I have a problem to find people who voice. I don't like to type.
  3. I didn't avoid to answer the questions. I told you I don't care why they don't voice. No voice no sex. Can I put it more simple?
  4. Now what you said is plain stupidity. Again I don't care what is a reason they can't voice. I voice and will be with girls who can voice. Don't want to know anyone RL. Don't care about that.
  5. Yes, every single girl. I don't type, don't do anything for me. If I do type sex most likely I would be watching TV in RL
  6. I don't think so she will be on voice all the time. I don't type. I don't like to type in game. I lose interest fast when I type.
  7. There are people who would like to know gender of another person. Like me. If you can't validate that you are female if you are on female avi, most likely I'm not going to talk to you. It's my SL and my rules. If someone don't like it I don't care. I play male avi and I'm male and I will validate that on voice to anyone. I expect the same from female who want relationship with me in game. I don't care for gender if we will be just friends who will play skippo and greedy or kill zombie
  8. yes there are. they are just very careful whom they will sponsor now.
  9. yea, right, that should be some joke?
  10. so if I understand correctly, all "girls" want to be payed now in game if "guys" wanna have sex with them because they invest money in avis. Right. and how about me who invested over 20.000 L in avi. Who will pay me? Maybe I should start charging "girls" for sex. you notice that I put " sign when I say girls and guys and that's because not all girls are girls and not all guys are guys. that"s the reason we ask people to voice.
  11. Mash, yea it was typo I don't know why all people play stupid and pretend like they don't know what I wanted to say. like everyone is perfect in spelling. English is my second language and lots of people here who speak English from the day they are born make much bigger mistakes.
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