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  1. Thanks, Alwin. I didn't know this coud be done. This ad has been upsetting me for some months now!
  2. Hello, Many months ago, I noticed the ad of a club in the SL websearch depicting a child (a girl) being abused, under the form of a cartoon. At least it would be considered by authorities as a child abuse in my country (Spain, Europe), even set as a cartoon. I went to the place, in order to report the club by clicking the ad in-world, but in-world it doesn't exist, just in the SL websearch. I tried to file a support ticket, but child abuse is not considered among the variety of cases offered to select. How can I report an ad in the SL websearch that depicts a child being abused? Thanks.
  3. Wow, Thanks, Lindal. I will try it ASAP! Thanks.
  4. I think my AO is switched off, but I will verify it, thanks, Alwin.
  5. Hello, I want to put an animation in a prim in order my avi can sit on it with the proper animation: I have added AnimateOnSit script, but my avi sits the wrong way. I suppose I can change the parameters but I have been unable so far. Can someone help? TY
  6. Hello, Before purchasing my mesh body (Maitreya), I gathered a bunch of clothes in layers or tattoos. I see the mesh body HUD has got a tab called "layers" and some layers work with it, but not all of them. What's the difference? Do they need an extra HUD or are they simply too old? Thanks.
  7. Hello, My time is GMT+1 and I would like to set this as a day cycle. But I'm afraid I don't understand correctly how day cycles work in SL (does times move faster than in RL?). Thank you.
  8. Oh... what a pity! Thank you, Alwin...
  9. Hello. I already have a marketplace store, but I'm willing to open a second one (different one). Is this possile? How (since I don't see the link)? TIA!
  10. Thanks, Rolig, always soooo helpful!
  11. Hello. I'm just learning how mesh works. I have purchased a fullperms mesh pillow and I want to modify it and sell it. 1. I comes in a huge size. Why? 2. I can add a different texture, but the creator's name remains the same (not me) . Is there a way to appear as the creator of the new item? TIA!
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