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  1. Thank you, found it! you're a life savier
  2. I fired up SL as admin, and tried to extract my avatars shape to XML by going through Develop - Avatar - Avatar test - Appearance to XML, however, when i try to search for the XML file within the character folder of the SL viewer, it's not there, nor it is in the developer SL viewer folder. I also checked in the roaming folder for SL files and checked the user_settings, but not there either. In a search over the computer, i tried to find it, but the archetype / new_archetype.xml or even without xml extention cannot be found on my system. Am I doing something wrong here? I thought this was the way to get your appearance in XML form.
  3. Sorry, read over this topic, fixing it now. Thanks for looking at it, but think I ll get it sorted now. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Direct-Delivery-Migration-FAQ/td-p/1923419
  4. I have been arround for a while, but i ignored lately my avatar a bit, which included my shop. I cam back today finding the post and the emails saying the magic box is to be removed and going to direct delivery, which is fine by me, so i copied over the items from my box to the inventory and peeked in my merchant outbox, however, my store (which is defined on marketplace) is not showing. I tried updating several stats, and reloaded SL several times, but it just doesnt show me the name, meaning, i cant drag the items on that outbox and upload them so they can go to marketplace. Does anyone else has or had this issue, and how do i fix this? ~Dorv
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