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  1. thats my point their are like 6-8 of them across ios and android and their all either scams or complete buggy trash. heck i remember one for android i forget the name but you had to buy the app then pay weekly for a attachment to your avi and you could only chat locally.
  2. primarily text client oh joy as if their isnt a dozen of those already out there. and the whole may and more features later is not very promising.
  3. honestly i hope if it does come out soon they make it for both and not just pull the bog standard apple only thing.
  4. From what I heard she is in hiding in her home country shortly after having a public interview about being LGBT in Russia. I'm not entirely sure she is banned my guess is she deleted her account as she is supposedly in hiding
  5. That's uberly retarded why would some one want to throw all their items away for the new second life. It's like yeah we know you spent like 5000$ in this game but we are making a new version and all your old **bleep** doesn't work on and ps we ain't telling ya just yet but the old sl will be gone in 2020
  6. The things I'm worried about is will you have to make new avi and get new clothes will you be able to talk to your friends that's in sl when your in the new sl I spent a lot of money in this game and losing it for a better version would be retarded.
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