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  1. Queeer

    Invisible Inside?

    Ohhh maybe that is why then, I just threw the mesh together in MD to test it without really messing with the mesh an trying to fix it in blendr but I will try again! Also, I am trying to get the AO so I am able to make a texture map over it with the help of the shadows it provides from it. It just kept giving me those black spots.. I will try again! Thank you for the comment
  2. Queeer

    Invisible Inside?

    Oooh, makes sense now I just thought that since most people had the texture on both sides it was normal. Im just having trouble baking out the AO map. It keeps giving me these black spots even though the mesh doesnt have any doubles? X - X
  3. Queeer

    Invisible Inside?

    Hello! Back with another meshy question. When I go to upload my mesh in SL I am not able to see the inside of it.. Im not sure if it matters all that much but every mesh I've seen is visible on both sides so I am confused on what I am doing wrong. If anyone could help it would be appreciated! EXAMPLE
  4. Queeer

    Transparent Back?

    Thank you all! I actually figured out how to rig the mesh an everything! I am moving on to trying to figure out how to get a AO map out correctly 😂 Thank you for all the help ♥
  5. Queeer

    Transparent Back?

    Ahh well I actually already rigged the top to my skeleton in blender with avastar 2.. I uploaded the mesh model an when I add it, it only add to my hand or something like that. Is there a step I am missing? Could you DM me maybee? I am really trying to figure this out because I think its just a small part im skipping or something.
  6. Queeer

    Transparent Back?

    Thank you! I actually figured out how to flip the faces in MD (all you gotta do is select the fact an right click>flip normal) I got everything worked out so far an I uploaded my mesh model but the inside of it is invisible..? Not sure if that matters in the long run but I also can't figure out how to add it to my body to make it be attached to the torso area correctly. If you have any tips on that it would be appreciated ♥ X X
  7. Queeer

    Transparent Back?

    Hello ~ I am new to meshing an I have gotten pretty far but I am stuck on this issue I have of the back of my mesh model being transparent from the outside. I've tried flipping the back side in Marvelous Designer an switching it from triangles to quads but it still hasn't fixed the problem for me.. Maybe I am missing something. Screenshot for example - X X X
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