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  1. Seeking Closers!!!!!!! Amazing opportunityDo you have the gift of gab? The silver tongue!!!!!!Do you want unlimited earning potential?If you are a closer and desire to be part of Second Life's number 1 land seller, apply today for our sales team selling mainland to Premium Members.We are willing to train if you have the attitude to win and become successful.
  2. SLURL Flickr Advertise your freelance services available for the low low cost of $L10 per week. After paying you will be able to load in your own pictures and note cards to express what your business is all about. Really, sell yourself. Those of you that subscribe will be able to log into the orange Legend of Zelda looking permanent tip jar directly under the ad board that you rented and while you are in the hub you click the blue Sims gem located in the center of the Violet room to access your second tip jar that will float above your head and will remain logged in as long as you stay anywhere in the parcel between any of the rooms. If you teleport out, the blue gem only will disconnect. See you soon! Blood Puddles
  3. SLURL Marketplace To show my gratefulness to my supporters, I have opened a hub that will be open indefinitely for everyone. With Violet being the only area with no rules. While in the other areas, the rules are as follows: 1. No griefing, no doxing, act civil. 2. No mod biases, bans are to be handled on a case by case basis. 3.Immediately following a ban message Blood Puddles for a fair trial. You will represent yourself. 4. Ban list cleared every 2 years. Upon arrival you will appear at the bottom of Hell ascend the stairs past the fiery pillars and bats to an adorable little coffee bar and on the final floor finding a game room. In the game room we have a donation meter and appreciate your continued support! Duck Hunt, GreedyGreedy, Solitaire, Pictionary, Whack-a-Tentacle, Bubble Pop, spiKKo, Forbidden Words, Chatterbox (Dirty Talk), Chatterbox (***** Show), Dice Game. But wait there is more, located in the game room or behind you once you arrive are these circular black and white teleport pads. Teleport to Violet (No Rules)*** where you will find freelance ad boards being rented at only $L10 per week. Once you rent a board you gain access to our tip jar system. The legend of zelda looking tip jar directly under the ad board and also located in the center of the room is the blue sims gem parcel wide tip jar that will float above your head even while using teleport pads to other rooms. Teleport to Court for a roleplay area and settle a disagreement among friends in a comical way. I will conduct trials here. Teleport to Karaoke for a place to drink with friends, or just sing your heart out. Teleport to Tiki Beach for a relaxing place to meditate while listening to waves crashing on the sand and chat at a circular stone bench around a campfire. Ever since I started Second Life, I wanted my own place and to give back to the community. Thank you for allowing me to create this awesome virtual space to share.
  4. Great question. And to clarify the way items are ranked are based on sales of the specific item compared against everything else on marketplace. The items that get the most sales are ranked higher. You can effect these ratings by paying to get your listings shown on landing pages to get higher visibility.
  5. 1- Create a marketplace first. (automate sales as much as possible) 2 - Work on selling your brand then once you've generated sales. (create a style) 3 -Then go ahead and look into purchasing an in world rental storefront. (If you aren't making sales you are just wasting time and money.) 4 - 70% of profits should go back into marketing.
  6. $L2,000 for Custom Textures/Photography $L5,000 for Custom items (Mod + Copy Only.) $L12,000 for Custom items with exclusive rights that you can sell it as your own. (Full Perm) & I will not resell.
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