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  1. i would like to voicefor you , i sing lyric too hope to hear from you soon.
  2. I would gladly help you into that . that in the future you wont need anymore help for it. if you are interested pls contact me inword. thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon.
  3. im very interested to get this job i would be pleased if you would contact me
  4. Awww I would love to join please sign me in
  5. hello , im very interested to apply for microsoft office, word and exel i hope to hear from you soon
  6. Hello Mr Voodoo , I design high fashion sketches in rl for sl but I never found a creator to open the fashion store and brand , so if you are intersted I would be happy to work with you.
  7. hello , im very interested into your proposition and i would like to work with you. i hope to hear from you soon.
  8. omg , are you kidding me ??? i just bought it and its amazing , it have a small hud size very artistic and great animations plus an very economical price thank you a lot. i would recommend to everyone that this creator makes great stuff thank you sooo much
  9. Hello everyone I'm trying to make a machinima here in second life but each time im trying to do it im failing over and over again. I looking all over the second life to find some high level animation , that doesnt have big huds and dont cause much lag too bc the the ones ive bought they are so out of use plus they cost a lot and the animations doesnt worth a peny. so if someone can help me to find a good hud for machinima with great animations i would be very happy.
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