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  1. Gorgeous Views - Quiet Neighborhood - Protected Front - Direct Access to Boardwalk 2048sm / 703pr / L$ 6k http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pongsonhwa/153/116/112 Happy Hunting!
  2. **3072sm**1054Prim**L$6000** Hilltop, "L" Shaped, Gorgeous Views, Sloping Grass Parcel. Peaceful Sim - Residential, Commercial, Breedables. May Subdivde (2048sm @ L$4000 or 1024sm @ L$2000). Contact Cate (catevogel) in World for Information. Happy Hunting!
  3. Hi there, I'm Cate. I'll be stopping by within the hour to have a looksie. I am in the market for something around 4096sm, but would have to see the terraform limitations that may exist.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to respond Prokofy. Again, this was the purchase of a mainland parcel. It was not an estate or an island, and I was not renting/leasing. I pay monthly tier for land use - this was a parcel I bought directly from the owner.
  5. Let me clarify... This was mainland parcel, not an estate. It was listed for SALE not lease. The listing specifically stated that the custom home and landscape were INCLUDED in the sale. I purchased the parcel directly yet did not receive ANY landscape, and only limited rights to MOST of the house. When I asked the previous owner to please consider a rebate from the selling price because those items really did not come with the sale as advertised, she simply responded, "no." The reason this is possible is because the system allows you (the seller) to include objects in the sale, however does not have the ability to discern what objects are transferable or not. It only ADVISES that the objects must be transferable. As such, sellers can use that option to make their parcel more appealing, yet not deliver after the sale. In my case, the landscape and home made that parcel. I would not have even considered the purchase if it was an empty lot. The most efficient way to remedy this is to simply remove, "Include Objects In The Sale" as an option in the Sell Land window.
  6. Thank you for the information Cassie. I do however understand the difference between the two. I have sold my own land in the past, listing it both with the objects and without when my listing was not moving. The issue I have is that land owner's listing specifically included the custom home and all of the landscape in the sale. However, after increasing/paying my tier to accommodate the parcel AND paying the asking price, the original owner only gave me limited permissions on the home, and no landscape at all. Instead, she wanted to provide. Me with a landmark so I could purchase the landscape myself. Given the absence of any regulatory construct, or even interest to enforce such transactions (by LL), buyers such as myself sink real money into a premium membership - for the privilege of even owning mainland, tier costs that are way more than the size of my parcel because there is not a "pay what you use" system, and the purchase price for goods not received. Seems to me that everyone gets fat on my land purchase, yet I don't even receive what I paid for. This is a problem.
  7. Agreed. I could feel the steam coming from my ears today when I learned that LL does not get involved in transaction disputes. What recourse do land buyers have when the seller fails to provide what was offered in the listing? LL advises that you contact the other individual for resolution. In my case, a custom home built into a slope, rock supporting the entire home, and vegetation so lush I could not count the number, were all offered in the listing - with the parcel of course. I did meet with her today so she could sell me sections of the home, but when I asked about all of the landscape, she simply said she would give me landmark where I could buy it. BUY IT?? I understood that I just HAD purchased it in the land sale. FRUSTRATED, I asked if she would consider a rebate from the purchase price given the fact that NONE of the landscape came with the sale and even select portions of the home cannot be modified or transferred. Her response was simply no. She went on to explain that she would transfer what she could, but I got the parcel for less than what she paid for it. I really do not care what she paid for it - that is irrelevant to me. These are the things that must be considered when setting the asking price - not as an afterthought to justify your refusal to provide what was offered. If there is some remedy, I would really like to know about it.
  8. I have a 512sm mainland lot available for purchase. Quite community - Roadside - No Lag. Listed Today - 117 Prim for $L 5,000  Contact me directly if you would like to make an offer. I'd be happy to negotiate a price that works for you. Best Regards, Cate
  9. Having this same issue. After teleporting, I lose parts of either my mesh body, and/or mesh clothing. After landing, I am unable to retrieve the body parts via mesh hud, or by reappling my mesh body. I am also unable to completely detatch some of my existing mesh body parts and my viewer shows by my standard avi and my mesh avi all at once. Thus far I have had my mesh body redelivered (twice), replaced all othe outfit links in my inventory with the new mesh body parts, deleleted the old mesh body folders, cleared both my cache and my inventory cacche and I continue to have problems. The above reply cites RENDERING WEIGHT as a possible issue. What is this and how does one reduce it? It has been suggested to me that I download SLViewer to somehow help, although I'm not clear on how it would. A CLEAN INSTALLATION of Firestorm (again) makes more sense to me. I am unsure however, of what precautions I should take prior to completing this. Will I lose inventory items and/or any other personal items? I would appreciate any insight on the issue. I am running thin in the area of patience and last I checked there was none for sale in the mp.
  10. THERE YOU ARE! I've been looking all over Linden's creation for you! For weeks...I have veen searching nearly every day. I was beginning to ask myself, what's a girl gotta do to find a horned demonoid to pal around with? Is it my hair? Do I dress too preppy? My fascination and curiosity with demons/and the people within them was becoming rather elusive. Today, I randomly decided to browse the classifieds for land use information and saw this - A Demon \(°_°)/ looking for friends \(^-^)/ Yesssss! The timing was perfection. I am driven to see and do everything in SL. I'm adventerous and always looking for new things to do. I am competitve by nature, so you may want to keep the sports cars nearby. I listen to a few geners of music, but there is something to be said for music that rattles your core. I'm confident and outgoing and will engage in converstation with anyone - even aliens. Drop me a line when you are able. Cate
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