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  1. I am having a problem, and in only one sim. I have gone to serveral other sims with no problem. However, on my arrival to this one sims I reach a specific spot and a window comes up stating SL has stopped working, and the program closes, booting me out of SL. Has anyone know what is going on? I and others have made many attempts to fix this but nothing has worked.
  2. I am glad to read I am not alone on this matter. My last encounter with a realtor was I paid them and did not get anything. They claim the L$ I sent was a gift.
  3. Really!!!! You wouldn't know were any of these so called honest realtors are hiding.
  4. Well then it looks like I will not have a place to put my keep then.
  5. I did all that and still could not place the house on it. They wanted me to put theirs house on it.
  6. The three that I have had very bad experices are Bella Pointe, Maven's Rentals and High Life Rentals. The biggest problem is I am not allowed to put what I want on the rental land, and no response from them when I complain.
  7. Well I have found out that all this land stuff is nothing but a con to make you spend money. They have a lot of window dressing but when it come right down to it, you can't do anything and they don't respond.
  8. Does anyone know a way to get the boots or shoes allined with the avatar legs. Mine always don't. I have followed instructions but it does not work.
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