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    lol. Ok, I see... Hopefully, it is not me exciting the sims then. And I suppose I should stop now with the questions because I think I am starting to turn this thread into a techie one instead of about land.Thank you so much, I do have a better understanding now.
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    Alwin, Yes, I have seen people say this as well and certainly seen a difference in my lag (had much less of it) when I upgraded my P.C. and I do notice more lag when someone else is streaming on my network. I have also had other people insist that lag is mostly SL, because of running scripts and traffic, so I just wanted to have clarification on what is the reality. One of my friends is complaining that the club that opened up behind him has his parcel completely lagged out? They seem to have quite a few scripted items, not so much in the way of traffic though. I did not really notice a whol
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    Hello all. I have a question, not sure if I can word it as such to where people will be able to understand what I am asking, but here goes. I am searching for land and have found some prospective parcels(or thought I did). However, when I turned up the draw distance on a few parcels that seem very, very quiet on the ground level with virtually no activity or homes, then began flying upwards to check out the airspace, I see quite a bit of action in the sky, such as skyboxes or domes with a fair amount of scripted items running in them. One of the parcels I am looking at has a rental company in
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