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    lol. Ok, I see... Hopefully, it is not me exciting the sims then. And I suppose I should stop now with the questions because I think I am starting to turn this thread into a techie one instead of about land.Thank you so much, I do have a better understanding now.
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    Alwin, Yes, I have seen people say this as well and certainly seen a difference in my lag (had much less of it) when I upgraded my P.C. and I do notice more lag when someone else is streaming on my network. I have also had other people insist that lag is mostly SL, because of running scripts and traffic, so I just wanted to have clarification on what is the reality. One of my friends is complaining that the club that opened up behind him has his parcel completely lagged out? They seem to have quite a few scripted items, not so much in the way of traffic though. I did not really notice a whol
  3. GypsyNite


    Hello all. I have a question, not sure if I can word it as such to where people will be able to understand what I am asking, but here goes. I am searching for land and have found some prospective parcels(or thought I did). However, when I turned up the draw distance on a few parcels that seem very, very quiet on the ground level with virtually no activity or homes, then began flying upwards to check out the airspace, I see quite a bit of action in the sky, such as skyboxes or domes with a fair amount of scripted items running in them. One of the parcels I am looking at has a rental company in
  4. Lepudro has been purchased, thank you to the buyer, we hope you enjoy the parcel. The parcel in Vorlheim is still available, the price is $1,799 Linden. (the picture is above).
  5. My partner and I have 2x 512sqm lot for sale in nice, quiet neighborhoods both with 175 prims. The lot in Vorlheim (picture below)has 26,000+ sqm of abandoned water-land on two sides since July-29-2014, as well as unoccupied water-land on a third side. The parcel in Lepudro has a protected waterfront. There is nothing wrong with the parcels, residents or the neighborhood -we are going away for the summer and will not be able to enjoy our land, so right now it makes more sense to sell it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vorlheim/48/80/21 Lepudro Parcel http://maps.secondlife.co
  6. Boo....not the answer that I was looking for, but thanks so much anyway for taking the time to answer. I guess I could just go back to my old body until the event is over, or adjust Lena. I mean I have found some demos with Omega appliers, but the dress was not desirable and one was $3000...yikes. Thanks again.
  7. So I have done my due dilligence, before coming here to bother ppl, and looked so many places for a gown in the subject line, that has a demo available. I have a Lena body, so I need either a dress compatible with her or Omega. I can find TONS of of dresses, but very few with demos. I cannot spend $1000 or even $200 on something without trying it on. Anyone can point me to a store or two please. I would greatly appreciate it, I have a formal event this weekend and have been looking for 6 hours. Thanks!!
  8. True about the alphas, they are very basic. All I can really wear is appliers with ease, as far as dressing quickly. Most mesh clothing I have to change my body shape and I don't want to do that, unless it is a very nice outfit. It was the price that was good for me. I will probably upgrade sometime in the future.
  9. I like the Lena body. I wasn't crazy about it at first, but after playing with the graphics and lighting I got her looking good. I love having appliers for her body. I found lots of beautiful clothes for free and low cost. I would recommend her. I got the perky version. I found her at Kittie's Lair. It is only the body though that I have.
  10. Which Lena appliers will I need? I got a few clothing ones, so I could get dressed lol, but as far as what else I need...I dont know.
  11. Thanks for all the tips. Hmm...not willing to give up the head, but I could always go for a new skin and give up my old PF skin that I got back in August. I wasn't happy with the body at first because I can see the seams, but hopefully someone can give me some tips on how to fix that or at least make them less visible to me. If other people can see them I guess I cannot help that, but I am a little picky about my AVI. Im not crazy about the default skins she comes with, they are very nice, but I would like something just a little better. I also cannot figure out how to get the Slink hands and
  12. I wish I would have gone with the Lolas and a nice butt. I could never get my body the way I wanted it (nice butt and boobs) so, I just bought a whole body and I am not terribly happy with it. The shape is beautiful, the skin is not. I can see all the seams where the body is put together. The demo did not show these. I am still playing with the lighting to see if I can fix it, but to no avail. I would suggest going for the boobs based on my experience, but others may have a different opinion. Let me know what u went with, I would be curious to see your experience.
  13. I will be checking this out. Thanks for making a place for those of us not looking for sex. Not that I have anything against the people here looking for that, it is just not what I am here for and I really have trouble finding friends that don't eventually try teleporting me to some sex palace.
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