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  1. thanks for the reply Alwin... i run the latest firestorm viewer, and my gpu is definatly not AMD. i run sli titan blacks., so.... thats not it. i jsut wish they have better customer service at body factory. i click to install and then it says to take it off and delete and thats it. i see ntohing else nor can i find anything else.
  2. hi.. i left sl for a while, and came to back to a lot of new things. one thing that i want to get is a new mesh body/ head or whatever else for my avatar. ive got a demo from the body factory and i cant get it to work. i wear and then click install, then nothing happens after that. i see no demo button or any addition to that folder. am i doing it right? i cant find help from the store. so that pisses me off. can anyone recommend a nice mesh body or give me a link to one. much appreciate it!
  3. oh thank you sevenhand!! that fixed it!.. it was in ambient occlusion settings. on default, it caused that grid like on skins for me, so i turned all the settings under ambient occlusion to max and that fixed it! Thank you sooooo much!! thanks everyoen for trying to help.. and special thanks to sevenhand for finding the problem!!!!!!
  4. so ive downloaded singularty and i still see it there. ive deleted unistalled firestorm from my pc and everywhere esle and then reinstalled it and it is still there. . i play other big steam games and i never see anything unusal there. i am sure my graphics card is fine. so i dont know why or what.
  5. oh sorry.. i did restart after changing debug settings.. it still did the same.. and i did change to many diff windlight and its shows up on pretty much all of them.
  6. yes it only shows up on skins, and has to be a close up pic to see the grids. I forgot to mention that i dont see it on viewer.. it only shows up on snapshots at high resolution. i mean i do see it on viewer but very faint. only when i take the pic and look back at it, it shows up terrible. It only happens when i have all the graphics settings set to max. When i turn graphics down, shadows reflection off , it goes away. . on max settings i dont experience any other problems... no lag, smooth as... which tells me the cards is not the problem. ( i have titan black 2 way sli) i have to take the pic under 3k resolution for it not to be visible. i only recently got in to serious sl photography and started playing with the settings to get the best quality pic possible. before that was just ordinary pics so thoes grid never showed up. whether it did then or not, i woudlnt know, cause the setting were pretty much at default settings. yes i did disable sli and tried one card.. and then switch to the other card.. trying one card at a time to see if the card is faulty, but as i said... it did the same so its highly unlikely that both my cards are faulty. its late now, but tomorrow i will try clearing all saved settings on my pc.. thanks for reminding me. i forgot about that. and if that doesnt work, then i will try a different viewer. iam currently using firestorm and will try singularity. thanks all for helping.. i will get back to you tomorrow.. thanks heaps!!
  7. thanks for replying Ren.. but the debug setting didnt help. it was set as default at 2. i turned it down to 0 and it didnt change
  8. its seems to be only be on skins and nothing else. so i think it could be my settings or viewer? i use firestorm. thats why i came here asking if anyone has the same issue
  9. no.. its not only on my skin and its definitely not a demo. i do photos for other pple and i see it on their skin too. i would have to zoom out far enough where it is not seen no more and then do my best to photoshop the rest out. but its annoying when it doesnt have to be like this. i thought maybe its my graphics cards that is faulty .. but i have 2... so i switch one off and then try the other and vs versa, and it will still do the same. its very highly unlikly that both my cards are faulty.
  10. hi...im wondering if anyone gets this when taking snapshots on max resolution. it shows grid like on the skin when i zoom right in. i dont know if its my settings or my powerfull graphics cards going way beyond.. ive reset all my settings and played with it in everyway to see if i can get rid of it. so please tell me... or tell me how to fix it. i have to zoom right out, but by doing that.. i lose the high resolution. please help...
  11. im thinking of creating a sim but just out of curiosity .. how do u make it into editors pic and what are he procedures if any. ty :)
  12. hi ive recently bought a new pc. and now all my settings have resetted. I fixed most things but one few things I cant figure out. 1 .. how do I stop my IM chat box from disappearing. everytime I type my message, then I go to click something else, my chat box goes away. 2.. how do I stop the IMs poping up on the bottom left hand corner of my screen when someone IMs me. 3. how do I stop my arm moving with the beam when I build/edit something ive scoured the whole preference and can not find it no where.. ty much appreciated if someone can answer me :D
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