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  1. I tried that a few times. I still can't get Chrome to use anything other than Singularity.
  2. I installed Singularity briefly over the weekend and then uninstalled and deleted it. However, now in Chrome whenever I open a SLURL, it wants to open Singularity. I've tried Firestorm's SLURLProxy thing and it doesn't help. I reinstalled Firestorm (the viewer I want to use) and it doesn't help. I tried searching in Chrome for a handler, and there is nothing listed. Does anyone have any tips on how to change the default SLURL viewer in the latest Chrome?
  3. Thanks for all the replies. It's very frustrating. The free no-mod one that I'm trying to emulate has a smooth fluid motion when standing it almost seems like my breasts are lightly blowing in the wind. Everything I make is much jerkier or more exaggerated. If only it was mod or they had put just a little bounce in the walk (which looks so unnatural).
  4. I've made a bunch and mod'd some others. There are too many numbers and because the AV doesn't react in edit mode that much, it just becomes very difficult to figure out what is doing what.
  5. I've never understood how to make a physics layer work. I've always relied on free ones from MP. Someone recently sent me one where my breasts sway very nicely when I'm just standing. However, for whatever reason, the settings don't cause any bounce at all when walking. Unfortunately this is a no-mod physics layer so I can't see how they are achieving the sway effect. My attempts to play with it have yielded nothing. There are just too many variables to figure out what is doing what. What numbers would I mess with to get a swaying effect when I'm just using my stands in my AO? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I will try Session (already had no luck with Deetalez demos on this issue).
  7. May I ask who the skin maker is? I totally understand if you don't want to say. It's not easy to find good Genus BoM skin by just marketplace searches.
  8. I would love to know what combo of Genus head, skin, and Legacy you are using that shows no neck seam. Thanks!
  9. It's weird to say that a discussion of which heads work in combination with a Legacy body doesn't belong in the Legacy body discussion. I wasn't trying to debate. I was trying to find a solution, even if it meant a different head. I got the Genus Strong Face demo and a bunch of demo skins, and I still saw a seam. I guess Legacy is less about eliminating a seam and more about tolerating it. Frankly, my tests with most major head brands on Slink and Legacy bodies (and even a quick test with Belleza) suggest that neck seams are basically a fact of life only with Legacy bodies or if you choose to use a non-matching head/body skin. Thanks.
  10. And virtually the same seam with a Catwa Catya head, using the BoM HUD they put out: https://gyazo.com/0ebfcb632379944acd8de9a8048dffda
  11. I get basically no seam between a Slink HG Redux body and my Greer head. Certainly nothing like with Legacy. https://gyazo.com/3a74224f5f8c82f807175d0faae48fff And with legacy, same light and location, and skin and head, etc. https://gyazo.com/e416eab54a63e35b2372d7326c3d3327
  12. Seams always look best from the side and back.
  13. Thanks again for your help. Following your instructions can get the seam to look ok in calWL: https://gyazo.com/63c7411819e8b8501ee38cdeed9ba7c0 But it really breaks down if you don't use that windlight: https://gyazo.com/9c05ce7a83ecb6b871cc752a542def30 There is some weird mismatch between Legacy and my Greer head. It still feels like some layer isn't quite reset, but the Lelutka group thought that the Legacy body just wasn't designed quite right to eliminate a seam. I couldn't figure out how to demo Genus in BoM mode (talk about a weird HUD), but the seam is also there with Catwa and newer Lelutka heads, so I think it is a Legacy issue. I super appreciate your help.
  14. Thank you for the response! I couldn't really follow it, but I tried a bunch of demos today for Lelutka and Catwa and couldn't get the seam to disappear, even if each head had no seams with my Slink body. I wish I could figure it out and get rid of the seam in the same way because I would upgrade to Legacy in an instant.
  15. I thought about changing to the Legacy body today when I noticed an issue I didn't think would recur. Right now, I use a Slink HG body, Lelutka Greer head, with League Alessa skins on the head and League Isla pale skins on my BoM body. There is absolutely no neck seam. This has been true since I switched to League and Lelutka in 2018. Using the exact same skin (which is NOT made specifically for a Slink body), I get a neck seam when using the BoM Legacy body. It's very subtle, but too much for me. Is this a problem with Legacy? Despite the superior shape of Legacy and the increasing clothing support, I think this will make the body a no-go for me. I can't stand that seam.
  16. This bling can be turned off by a message /3 bling off, but it turns back on every time I log in. I couldn't find every instance of the bling script to delete it. I think there are prims or whatever that I can't find or see.
  17. I'm using some earrings as an OpenCollar 6, but I forgot to try to remove the blink scripts from them before creating the collar. Is there any way to easily do it? I found some old threads with scripts like this: default { state_entry() { llLinkParticleSystem( LINK_SET, [] ); llRemoveInventory(llGetScriptName()); } } But I'm afraid that will do something to all the other scripts in the collar. Thanks!
  18. I would like to copy open collar 6.0 scripts from a free open collar into earrings. I thought it would be easy, but I can't get it to work at all. I rez the earrings on the ground. I rez the collar on the ground. I take the collar and copy the scripts into my inventory. Then I copy the scripts into the earrings. All of them make it. But nothing happens. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks!
  19. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, but I've tried everything with the sliders. I am sure this is a difference in our graphics settings somewhere, but it is far from obvious (I've tried a bunch of changes). Just very strange.
  20. Right, I should have gotten into this. Slink's Breasts alpha is not that well designed. When you turn it on, it cover a lot of the breasts. If a top shows cleavage or skin (particularly side skin on the breasts), you can't really use it. It's just too big. Sorry for not making that clear. That's why the designer is showing her snapshot from the side. She was showing me she wasn't using the alpha.
  21. I have recently upgraded to a Slink Hourglass body and I've noticed that a lot of clothing that says it can fit the shape really doesn't come through if you set the bust (and some other settings) too high. For the bust, many designers seem to ignore sizes above about 70, which is odd considering that most people buying the Hourglass are probably doing it to have a busty avatar. However, a back and forth with a very nice designer showed me that the problem might not be as clear cut as I thought. One of her outfits that had serious bleed through on me starting at 72/73, looked fine on her at 100 breast size. Could some graphics setting be causing some of this problem? My graphic settings are generally set to the max and my RenderVolumeLOD is 4 (the highest Firestorm says it should be). Is there a possible technical explanation for what I thought was poor clothing design? Edit: Right, I should have gotten into this. Slink's Breasts alpha is not that well designed. When you turn it on, it cover a lot of the breasts. If a top shows cleavage or skin (particularly side skin), you can't really use it. It's just too big. Sorry for not making that clear. That's why the designer is showing her snapshot from the side. She was showing me she wasn't using the alpha.  
  22. I'm also on the hunt again for a female AO. I bought a Vista last year and like the breathing, but there is way too much walking around (and my avatar never seems to look straight ahead). Basically, I'd like to find an AO that is reasonably sexy, has nice breathing, but doesn't walk around a ton.
  23. Some Omega appliers definitely don't work with Lolas. I mean they simply don't apply anything. For example, this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KC-Jersey-Old-School-FATPACK/7817187 Says it has Omega appliers. But when I wear the applier, nothing happens. Some Omega appliers definitely work. But it's very hit or miss. It's why I usually only buy something that comes up when I search for "Lolas."
  24. The only one I can find on the marketplace is for the Maitreya body (along with a few for various heads and such). Will that work to just apply to Lolas Delicqs? Edit: I'm confused. Will these actually work if you aren't using a mesh body? I'm just using mesh Lolas.
  25. I don't have the HUD. Where would I buy one? I've purchased many things with Omega appliers that have worked in the past, without the HUD. Just not everything does.
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