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  1. The mesh shrubs and trees on my parcel are slowly becoming corrupted! By that I mean they look as if they have not rezzed fully, being a bunch of flat planes instead of leaves and stems, and the textures are distorted. First it was just one kind of shrub, then day by day it spread to others. I thought it was something I did, but yesterday I went to another sim and saw it happening there too. By the way it is not in my viewer only; others can see it too. Any thoughts?
  2. Clearly (and probably after ENDLESS complaining) they are transferring a bit more of the cost burden of SL from landownership to membership fees. This makes land ownership more affordable but the trade-off is a few more bucks to pay for your premium membership. To those complaining about this change: once you subtract your 1000L bonus and weekly stipend from your premium total, you actually pay very little for your membership. Then factor in what you are NOT paying for your 1024 sqm of land. You may just turn that frown upside down :))
  3. Thank you for your responses. It is as I suspected: something has gone wrong. The payment has cleared on my credit card, so I wrote to support. There will be a delay, since it is a holiday, but I am sure they will clear it up. Thanks again
  4. I upgraded my basic account to Premium by paying the single annual fee. The payment is verified in my account history, but I am still listed as having a basic account on my dashboard, and can not access the Premium benefits. How long do I have to wait until the upgrade is recognised by Second Life?
  5. I like it; does that mean I'm a cheater?? Sylvia, your hyperbole does your message no favours. You say the game is ruined, and that you don't want to play it anymore; well here's a new challenge for you: can you find anything you actually like about LL's offerings?
  6. I just bought, unpacked and rode a motorbike for the first time today and it was great! But then I wanted to go home and discovered I couldn't find a way to return the bike to my inventory. It's rezzed by clicking and dragging to the ground, so there's no "detach" or anything. What do I do?
  7. I'm still having problems with unpacking boxes. When I want to click and drag the item to the ground, it won't let me if I just click on its closed folder. Instead I have to first open its folder, then drag the revealed contents to the ground. That's ok if the contents is one item, but I recently bought a pair of pants, which, when I opened the folder had about seven boxes within it. I then had to drag each of these to the ground and open them separately, then copy each to the inventory, which had the effect of creating seven different folders in inventory. So, to wear these pants I would have
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