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  1. Yeah, I don't judge the avis. My best friend has a ghoul as an avatar lol But I dont let things like that get to me or determine if I should be friends.
  2. Are there any other good punk and grunge outfits/clothing for the maitreya or Kemono Fitted torso? I found some but im having a difficult time.
  3. Any TVs that can play netflix or hulu?
  4. If I wanted a sugar daddy, I would have put sugar daddy. My terminology is just fine. Lol There isn't anything wrong with my post, I'm being honest on what I want. Daddy is the correct term for someone I'm looking for. You just misinterpreted my post and trying to save face. Lol
  5. If they're wanting to have a daddy relationship and be sexual, I don't mind. That's what I wanted. So I don't see the problem. Talking to someone before they get into it isn't unheard of. I'm not going to throw that out because someone wants just sex. Again, that's not what I want and if people have a issue oh well.
  6. Well sex isn't what my main focus is on. The daddy part is.
  7. If we click then yeah I hope to do more, that's the intent anyways. That's why I said maybe.
  8. Nope! This is my second post I've made on SL. First time I've posted about this.
  9. Do you know of any? Ive tried looking online but no luck. Dx
  10. Looking for a "daddy" type relationship with an older man, 50-65s. Once we get to know each other better, maybe a sexual relationship too. A little about me, I'm a female in my early 20's, a bit shy and I play a lot of video games. I also stay at home a lot so Im on SL most of the time. Not looking for a serious relationship though. Just a daddy. Thank you for reading.
  11. Hi, Im just needing a creator to make a skin for me that resembles my fursona. I have the kemono body with fitted mesh torso and the chinchilla head. Anyone that can help?
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