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  1. I'm so sorry. I keep forgetting to post here that I no longer work at Cheers as RL events keep popping up and making me have to skip. I've been taking a slight bit of a break from it due to the way our internet does out here, but I'm often on periodically throughout the day for a bit. I will definitely add you though!
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thorncliff/124/15/2499 There you go! Come by anytime, though late morning/ mid afternoon SLT is when most of the bartenders and workers are on.
  3. Hello! I've been on the SL for about 2 months, and I've noticed that there aren't many chatty people around except for maybe on the forums. Which is why I'm posting this. If anyone wants to hang out, we might have some interests, who knows. If not, I'm always interested in learning new things from people that could spark my interest. I'm on near daily, and I work a bartending job at Cheer's, so if you want to hang out there, though we by no means have to. I'll stop rambling now. Thank you for reading. Edit: Forgot to put down interests- + History + Reading + Amish (A type of old-way religion, though I'm only curious about them as people, since they are very isolated from Outsiders) + Attempting to build in both Blender and Second Life + There's probably a few more, but this list is getting pretty long and you probably don't want to read anymore.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't meet the required account age. Unless you're willing to make an exception, I won't be able to apply for it.
  5. I am actually quite interested. If you're willing to hire someone with a lack of experience, that is. If you are still willing, I can definitely try out.
  6. Will definitely seek to do that. Thank you!
  7. Oh, just a minor side-thing. I tend to check this site more than Second Life, especially since it's easier to access. So, if you're possibly interested, just send me a message through here please, that would be amazing of you.
  8. Oh, thank you guys so much! This means so much to me, you have no idea. I appreciate all the help, and future help, that I might get from this. Hopefully I might be able to learn a new skill from this sort of thing. Do you have any suggestions so to what exactly I should attempt to make as a newcomer into this?
  9. Hello. Here I am!.. Again. Hahah, you guys are probably sick of seeing me a second time, but don't worry. While I do have a job writing now, I was hoping to maybe pick up another one that possibly involves more hands on stuff, such as being in-world and whatnot for some of the time. However, I have much more free time to do so now, basically all day except for random errands and personal stuff, though everyone has that so not quite a big deal. Here's a list of things to note, in case you were curious. It may seem jumbled, and I'll say I'm sorry now before you read it. Things to note: - Internet may be a bit iffy at time times or might just drop out entirely, especially in a laggy place due to bandwidth, so please do keep that in mind. - I'm in the CST time zone, and I am capable of being contacted at almost any time either by Discord or email, whichever is more comfortable for you. I can't be on Second Life 24/7, but if you need something from me that I can do outside of Second Life, I can definitely do that. - I don't enjoy the clubbing scene. Sex/Gentlemen clubs just aren't exactly my cup of tea, so I don't believe being a dancer/escort is for me. - I can roleplay however much you want, from semi-paragraphs to literate, though the latter takes a bit of time to format. - I often use the terms 'ma'am, miss' and 'sir, mister' when speaking to the people that hire me or fellow co-workers. If that is uncomfortable or awkward for you, please let me know. - Lastly, and I know for some, this is a deal-breaker in some situations, I can't do voice. My situation doesn't allow for that, sadly, and I doubt many people want to hear how monotonous and cut out I sound if I did do it. I don't have too much experience, but I am a dedicated person and try to put my best foot forward into things. So, whatever you might need, I will likely be able to do it. Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day (or a great day.)
  10. Since I've been in Second Life for a while now- about a month- I've been thinking about trying my hand at building, since I haven't really ever tried that before. I've mostly trying to do it in sandboxes, but I'm not sure exactly how to begin. Are there any more recent videos about building in Second life, or will the older videos (from 2015 or so) suffice for this?
  11. I've, since this post, have been able to find a job. Two jobs, actually. Thank you guys so much for the help, and I hope to be able to return the help someday as well.
  12. I'm so sorry! I often just go by profile pictures and that vital detail slipped my mind when responding. Well, don't worry. I don't have a great avi either right now, and many people will understand. Matter of fact, I'm sure that many would enjoy to hire you. Just have to keep applying and seeing who messages you. Don't forget that people might message you in-world as well, so I'd check that often.
  13. I recommend scouring the WANTED forum as well as this one for some writing jobs. I got hired yesterday by 2 companies due to the writing ability. But if you need any immediate jobs, I recommend looking into a bartending job that there was, which is a mixture of roleplay and conversation. Hope this helps you out, Miss Jinx.
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