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  1. Is this per week or month? I've been looking for a place to start a bit of breeding with Fennux. Will I be allowed to place stuff down, like dens, etc? I don't have a lot of Lindens, so this caught my eye. Gotta say, it's quite a nice looking place too!
  2. It's as the title says. I'm looking for some decent land. Please keep in mind that... I am unemployed, I live in an unincorporated area. Hard getting a job out here, although I've tried many times. So I cannot buy Lindens. I have a little job in SL, at a club. But that's going to be on Friday. I'm trying to become a Fennux breeder, or at least a small one. The land doesn't have to be very big, just enough so that I can do a bit of breeding, have their den and feed them. I already have some Fennux stuff, so no worries about that. I've been trying to save up some Lindens so that I can convert it into real money, my grandmothers birthday is coming up, and I want to take her somewhere nice. To her favorite restaraunt. I already have a little saved up so far. But I want to have enough before her bday, which is on the 23rd this month. So that's all I ask, if anyone knows of some cheap land for rent, anything below 1,000L$, please let me know. It doesn't have to have a lot of prims, just enough so that I can do a bit of breeding. Best I can do is around 100-200L$, if that's possible. Either way, just let me know.
  3. Hiya! You can always IM me if ya want. SpookyHollows in world. I've been rping for around 8 years lol
  4. Yea, I just meant that when people bought the item from my store on the marketplace lol so they can move it around in their own home. I don't exactly have a home on there, just a small apartment where I've been uploading and editing my meshes. I haven't messed with the toolbars that often, as I'm always constantly changing viewers.
  5. Ahhhh, ok nevermind...that was really dumb of me. (I didn't have an alt to test stuff out on) I have fairly decent knowledge of making meshes in Blender, as I have already made quite a few. I just wanted to make sure that people could move my stuff, but not re-texture it, as I don't bake the textures in Blender...not sure how to do that. I just add textures in SL. I'm not that good at coding, only permissions I've ever set up were on Minecraft servers lol Ah well, at least I know it works now.
  6. While uploading my meshes, I've been wandering about permissions. When you get an object from someone, sometimes you can move it around. But the texture is locked, so you can't change the textures, how would I do that? I want to make it so that people could move some of my meshes around and rotate them. But can't edit the texture. I also want to make sure that nobody can copy the object and resell it. Is there a way to set that up?
  7. Oh, that's good! I'll be sure to get AvSitter when I can, I just watched some of the tutorials about it, and it looks very flexible! It looks quite easy for adjusting poses too. And thanks for linking me to that script! I've almost got the avatar position fixed.
  8. So if I just needed to move my avatar down, so she's actually sitting on the chair instead of floating, I would mess with Z in the vector area of the script? And thats odd, never heard of an s axis before lol Also, once I have the script added into the object, and it's all set up, will it work for other people too, like if someone bought it from me on the marketplace, would the script work the same for them? I messed with some of the axis parts for a while and accidentally got teleported into someone elses apartment whenever I sat in the chair that was so odd but funny.
  9. llSitTarget function seems to have 4 axis points? How do I know which is which?
  10. Ah nevermind, it was an error in the text, it works now...now I just gotta figure out the coords
  11. Thanks! But how do I add the script? I tried to copy/paste it into the script file on my mesh, but it keeps giving me an error.
  12. Exactly! To me, it's like animating. I've been making short animations on YouTube since 2010. And I used to constantly redesign characters, at least until I had a permanent design for them. So far in Blender I made a mug, and a chair...however the chair has a small issue, whenever I try to sit on it, I just float in the air above it. I'm not a scripter, not sure how to set those up. But hopefully I can get that fixed soon. I've also heard about worm farming, is that any good? I heard people could make a decent amount from it, but I can't find very much about that online.
  13. I don't know a thing about sctipts, so I might save up for one thanks for letting me know though!
  14. Okay...as usual, I hope I am putting this in the right place. I just made a chair in Blender, came out okay and uploaded just fine, but now...I'm floating? Yea. Is there any way to fix this? I heard there were scripts that position sitting settings? I want to make sure my chair works correctly before I try putting it on the Marketplace. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. I've been slowly learning how to use Blender, made a couple of meshes here and there as tests, texturing is a pain but it's worth it. Designing is fun.
  16. Yea, I know. I'm such a weak gamer woman anyways. But I LOOOOVE SL. So I do come on here. I've dealt with haters before, on YouTube, and many bullies at schools. Thank gosh I have my GED, I think I only liked 8th grade the most, now those teachers were nice. FYI, I've been dealing with sick animals (my cat had a severe UTI, and my dog is old and blind), some of my family moving, being sick myself. Sorry for the lonish comment, I talk a lot sometimes. If you're saying I'll get hate on the forums...I know, been screamed at in SL before for accidentally bumping into someones avi. Gamings actually one of the only things I can enjoy, so that's why I come on here, even if it's not that often.
  17. Hello! I'm still new to Blender as well, so I don't know of how much help I can be. You should make your meshes in Cycles Render. Make sure that you have it exactly how you want it to look. If you want an easy way to add textures when you have your model uploaded in SL, you should make separate materials in Blender. Once you have your materials, click on the faces, or select the parts of the mesh you would want your texture to be on, then click "assign" in the materials section (to whichever material you want to add). That will make a face. In SL your mesh can have up to 8 faces. Once in SL, upload and place your mesh, upload your textures. Then after that, edit your mesh by dragging the textures onto whichever part of the mesh you want it on.
  18. I was never late for a job in rl, lets just say I'm not a very strong type of woman, and I have issues other than ADHD. I come on SL often, just not the website. Please don't be rude, my life is already crappy enough.
  19. I'm terribly late to responding on this topic D: yikes I don't plan on buying Lindens, I'm fine with earning a few hundred Lindens, I basically want to make some small earnings from it. (As I've been having troubles with employment) and I live with my mom and 2 siblings. Basically all I need to pay for is my pets food, so a small job on SL and such would be able to cover that, as their food can last quite a while. As for my avatar...I don't think an alien zombie cat OC would earn tips LOL unless some people would find it attractive. X'D Time slots would depend, whenever my mom works, I have to babysit. I don't know her scheduals, so that would be a bit of an issue.
  20. OMG! Thank you so much! I'll have to make sure that I only use 8 materials when making a mesh. Hopefully SL can make it so you can have more faces in the future, but this makes it so much easier!
  21. Sorry, I'm probably really annoying D: I watched the tutorial you sent, but theres no other tutorials on there telling me how to do it. Like how to actually set up the faces. Even after I set up the UV map and uploaded the model to SL, it acts as 1 face, whenever I try to apply a texture it just goes over the whole model.
  22. But how do I apply multiple textures in SL? I only textured my first mesh in SL due to the fact I was having trouble with Blender, and the mesh only needed 1 texture. I'd love to add scripts to my meshes in the future, but I have no knowledge of scripting. I have a simple UV map set up now too, do I need to bake it? I'm not sure how to do that with the textures in 2.73.
  23. Hello! Hope I'm putting this in the right place. Anyways, I've been making some simple meshes in Blender, my first mesh came out okay, but I had to put a texture on it in SL. But now I made a chair model, it has a cushion on it too, so I want 2 different kinds of textures, one for the chair, and one for the cushion. How would I be able to do that in SL? I heard something about UV Mapping...? But how do I do that? How does UV Mapping work? Does it make the meshes textures show up correctly in SL? I'm a newb at these sort of things. I've watched many tutorials, but it's hard to keep track of it. x.x any help is greatly appreciated! Small edit: I use Blender 2.73
  24. Okay, so for a while now, I've been wanting to make clothing and other various items for SL, however I am a beginner, and I'm looking for some tips on how I can go about doing this? I have Blender, but I don't have Avastar or anything like that. I made a mesh once (I think?) and tried to upload it into SL, it said it was there, but wouldn't load and then just completely vanished, there goes 25 Lindens. I'm looking for a fairly easy guide or something, anything to teach me how to make meshes, as eventually I want to make a shop...which brings up another question. Do I need land in SL first, before I can set up a shop? Or can I just put items in the marketplace? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  25. Hello! I hope I'm posting this in the right place, and if I'm not, I'm sorry. Although I've been playing SL for a while, I've always wondered...how does one get a job on there? I've been doing lots of little things here and there to earn some lindens, but I heard some jobs can pay better, I'm looking to find one that's fairly easy, pays decent. I know sometimes most places are looking for females? I can confirm that I am one, I can't voice chat (family is always so loud) but I suppose my YouTube can confirm that lol So, does anyone have any tips to give this old newbie? Edit: I do not have a RL job at the moment, as it's hard to even get a job where I live. I'm wanting to make Lindens in SL, you know, without paying real money. XD
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