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  1. Add isn't working for me. Can someone help me?
  2. I am looking for texture artists to make skins with. I am selling a texture to make skins on my marketplace, however, its only a texture. How do I set up file delivery with SL? Do I upload my files onto something like syncplicity and deliver a notecard? I'd like help because I want to sell my skin templates for free, and make better skin templates, however I am starting this alone and it's a difficult task. I don't use any photos and reference other templates, but don't use the information from the template in the final file (just for reference). Here is what I've made so far: Here is how
  3. Is this why there is a fight in this thread?
  4. Why is Dres' profile picture of a nude man?
  5. Can we have magic boxes in the homes that are sold as part of the Premium Account package?
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