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Found 5 results

  1. Hoping for some understanding of how/when viewers dis/connect to the internet. Not a complaint or an issue, and Firestorm is mentioned only because that is the viewer I use and saw this in. Today: So-when I am logged out unexpectedly using Firestorm viewer, we/I am asked if I want to view IM and CHAT first before quitting. I usually say no what the hey right, and I log back in whatever. Today I just happened to be typing in what I *thought* was a viewer-managed "browser" window in an avatar profile in the "Notes" section - you know the window: the browser that we cannot drag "outside" the viewer, when this surprise-disconnect of the FS viewer happened. K so what I see when the viewer disconnects on me unexpectedly: The FS viewer top right X turns to a red background indicating (my words) a weak internet connection for 2-8 seconds or so > I see viewer visuals go generally grey-overcast like usual > I see tiny pop-up window offering to see IM and CHAT or just go straight to QUIT, and I still have that viewer-browser window open with half text still there but not yet saved... So I thought oh man do not make me type that again and in the profile in the viewer browser window I take my chances and click the [Save} button, and shock-of-shocks it works! Works = after the FS viewer tells me I have disconnected, I can both view nearby chat and also type text entries into the profiles form box and click save on the web profiles page, over and over, and it saves successfully (on the live internet page). I mean, either I am disconnected or I am not was my guess, but that seems not to be the case. Surmise: I am not "disconnected" from the internet "please check my connection" - I am instead disconnecting from something else in between... Noting that in this state I realize/cannot travel to another web page profile I can only edit in the one that was showing when the viewer froze/disconnected from something... but that still indicates something in the viewer is still very connected to the internet enough to allow me to edit and edit and resave again and again.. Not expected, but this is not my expertise, and I am now intrigued how the viewer can disconnect from the internet, but not disconnect the browser it seems to rule. Adding if the Firestorm > Developer > Show Info > Show Time (fps) means anything, then fps is not the trigger for what cuts me out. Though I recall the ICK days of 20 fps average sighhhh, on this pc generally/today I am 100-140+ fps easy. Until something triggers a surprise disconnect. So after all that blah blah, the question: If I am being disconnected from FS viewer=SL because I have lost a connection to the internet, and the FS viewer internal browser window is controlled by the FS viewer, then why would I be connected *in the internal browser* enough to keep typing and keep saving new info typed, when the viewer managing the browser has said I have lost connection to the internet... Is the viewer's internal browser managed by other-than-the-FS-viewer (so it has a stream of its own maybe, but the viewer graphics do not)? Is the timeout span on the FS/SL/viewers shorter/cuts out quicker, than the separate stream/timeout on the internal viewer-managed browser and its contents (including my accessing the web-based profiles)? Initial raw guess would lead me to ask - if I have edited the default viewer PORT in the viewer, would these two run across two ports and maybe one port is struggling when the other (internal browser) is not? Grateful for anyone who might offer a short perspective, of why one could stay internet-connected enough to still edit/add text, but the viewer otherwise has frozen is not functioning and seems like it has already logged me out of SL.
  2. I even cleared the browser cache since the beginning of time. Are they still not seeing me? They're still not answering. Will they forget about someone for all time? Will it be fixed in a day? What could I still need to fix? Have I been blacklisted somehow? How do you report a problem with Premium Chat? Can we blame it on the infamously horrible cloud that has eaten teleports and chat? *sigh*
  3. Hey everyone, I recently tried to watch a video on ESPN but it would not play, saying it couldn't load because the format wasn't supported. I tried on several sites and many of them didn't work except for Youtube. I use a Mac and the Firestorm viewer but I cant watch anything out of Youtube. I tried following the online instructions about tweaking the prefernces but it still doesn't work. Has anyone here run into this problem or know a fix? Thanks in advance,
  4. Hi all, My SLViewer is set this way to open links in my webbrowser and not in my SLViewer. However I like to turn that around, so that links will open in a window in the SL Viewer. I just cannot seem to find how to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please? Thanks. 🙂
  5. I have been hanging out on these forums a little more as of late. I am never really sure why I stop. But I thought to keep myself engaged I would pose up some questions of the day just to get some discussions flowing. QOTD: Do you use the built-in web browser in the viewer? Since Linden Lab upgraded the browser engine to the Chrome Embedded Framework (CEF) the browser has been far better at page renders and the speed has increased. It's still not perfect, but greatly improved. Do you use the browser? What actions do you use it for?
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