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  1. What you will pay will average around $100 a month, give or take. Some of the rental companies mentioned are not all what they are cracked up to be, so do be careful in who you rent from, bigger is NOT always better.  Giving friends free homes....I HIGHLY advise against that.  Perhaps a discounted rent, but there are MANY free loaders in SL, that will smile to your face and call you friend all day long if they see opportunity, they feed like sharks when they smell blood in the water. Caution advised!

  2. Probably on a Gor sim, this person is RPed as a gay male with long black hair and a dom.  They have a flickr account that dates back years. Help me find this person...reward, especially if they could be brought to me collared.  I will know very quickly by the way they speak if it's them, so don't think about making an avi or pulling one out of retirement with this name. *grins*



  3. Run dont walk away from them.


    Can take all your horses if they want or ban you if you even nicely disagree with anything they do.

    TOTALY money sink...you will NEVER make your money back, let a lone turn a profit, you will only make rich the creators or sim owners rich by the space you rent for them.  As of this posting the auction houses are dying and nothing really sales. But the auctioneers still get paid.

    They eat waaay tooo much and the food and salt is NOT CHEAP.

    You will run out of  prim space waaay to fast.

    Everyone tries it and quickly discoveres that its a well disguised scam.

    You are better to buy things you can actually keep and use and ENJOY, be it clothing or a house.


  4. Plain and simply put..breedables are a money sink in which only the creator gets rich.

    Sure you will sell some, BUT..never enough to warrent the cost of food or prim space needed.  If you love it, do it, but know that you are only paying the creators bills, not yours.

  5. Gay st8 acting male here, avid RPer and just generally I would like to think I am nice (oh so handsome :P ) 50ish man.

    Would like to meet like minded friends who would enjoy getting to know each other, Role Playing that has nothing to do with Vampires or Gor. (thought not against the slave trade)

    My interests include dancing (come on who doesnt dance in SL) Humor, Philopshy, pyschology,art, writing, some online gaming, deep conversations that ponder the universe and shallow ones that ponder the postions of poseballs.

    Find me in world most nights US EST time!

    Looking to make lasting bonds with people I would not otherwise be able to meet in RL! Horizon expanding being it friendship/roleplay or more.:matte-motes-delicious: If you are JUST looking for pixel mashing...nope...I have all the pixel mashing toys and STILL crave fun and conversations too!!!

    I ADORE people who can type and emote in COMPLETE SENTENCES...bring me your paragraph lengh posts and I will shoot some right back at you with a little tear of joy in my eye!!!  Lets make and create some ongoing STORY!!!

  6. LMAO!!!  It could be worse...you could be a gay man like me....every conversation starts with...


    Yup...that's it, you of course respond with a complete sentence like "Hello, how are you...nice evening," then there are 5 awkward minutes of silence while they *HI SPAM* the rest of the crowd, well sometimes you get that pathetic look and then you get a true conversation starter such as....

    "Nice avi."

    Now all of that translated in gay speak- means...

    "I can't type, I am probably underage, I really don't want to know you and would you take me to the nearest pose ball or menu and mash my pixels. I can type omg..oooh ahhh oooo."

    Such is the way of SL...at least you got to talk about flowers. *grins*  The abiluty to converse with people able to write in complete sentences as themselves, let alone RP is servely lacking.

    I demand menus and pose balls where the player's avi MUST TYPE at least 10 words before it will activate! :P


  7. Nothing! I got a 24 hour ban once for a *cough* adult picture I had in my profile in a M rated area which I THOUGHT was ok-wrong!!!. I was late night shopping on a deserted sim and some passerby took a peek at my profile anf poof. You are not told why. I had to contact LL to find out why.  To those of us banned it almost seems like SL has gone down.  You just are not able to log in and it gives you a timer.

  8. I, like many others, was given the gift of a amaretto breedable horse. Well that led to...a curious interest in breeding, the aspect of making money from it, and the fun of it.  1 horse turned into 20 then 40, I started selling bundles, renting space on other sims to sell on, going to auctions..(where I would like to point out there was always about a 98% no sale at all the sales I attended on about 5 different sims, a no sale rate which should have scared me) but still I found it amusing and enjoyed SOME of the horses.  It was like waking up to a new gift each day, seeing what the computer code (aka breeding) might produce next. I met some lovely and interesting people in my horse breeding journey as well.

    I never even made enough to cover the cost of feed...I sold a few CHEAP bundles here and there and maybe 3 horses.  But..it was a fun little hobby on the side.  I kept telling myself to get out of it, but I was re assured that all the lack of sales were due to the END OF THE MONTH. Well sadly, even at the beginning of the months...nothing would sell. I sat at this auction and that one watching horses being called as *FUTURE SALES* which meant..they were going back home with the seller. I walked miles of sims daily to see the same FOR SALE AND OH SO GREAT horses standing there..unsold.  Some with bunny ears!  (what is up with that?? its comically UGLY..says that man who lives with RL horses on a RL ranch-even my donkeys are laughing at those!!!)

    Then the day happened that I bought a large bundle of feed (or salt-cant recall which it was now) i the 5k L price range, but it did not appear in my inventory.  I am visually impaired so without certain sceens and fonts and friends seeing can be hard for me. But the items DID NOT APPEAR and were NEVER delivered. We triple checked. That happens..you go get a redeliver with most any store and your world goes along quite happily. NOT with Amaretto. But I struggled and managed to drop note cards to Amaretto about my missing items...several times.  Then I was spammed with a quick link some days later directing me to their website done in EXTRA SMALL PRINT. THere was no live person response. I even noted that I was visually impaired a little help PLEASE! Nothing.  I grumbled and with the help of a friend finally opted to submit tickets as getting a person to help IN WORLD is not going to happen with amaretto.

    It was on that very day that I bought 2 horses from the Stone Pony Ranch sim..from I guess a private seller.  There were 2000L each.  I went home with them and rezzed them to be greeted with this.


    I, again with the help of a friend, submitted tickets about my STILL missing food items and THIS HORSE as you see it in the picture and CAN STILL SEE in MY BARN at my HOME.  It just lays there....and has red letters that state clearly to let Amaretto know!  I went back to check on my tickets, again with the help of a friend and was told I was banned from the website. REALLY?? BUT WHY???  When I brought this horse home also I want to note that MY HORSES that were breeding just fine..all stopped breeding. I asked in my tickets to them if it was a *HACK* horse.  I had read a few horror stories on the web about people copying the breedables for malicious intent.  I was directed via email to contact a person in world.  I have no idea who this person was or what positions they held with Amaretto but I did catch them online and contact them.

    Within a few not well written sentences they explained to me that I was banned from the website for being rude. (I didnt cuz anyone out, nor did I threaten anyone in anyway! I did grumble that their website was near impossible for me to see and would prefer contact in world if at all possible)  I think my mouth fell open at being called RUDE and again explained that I was missing food (or salt) that the customer service exp. was less than stellar (even for someone who was not visually impaired) and that I did NOTHING that would be considered RUDE by anyone of a right mind, frustrated yes, RUDE, as I told the person, you will know it when I'm being RUDE.  I pushed at the person wanting to know EXACTLY how I had been rude!  Finally it came from their fingers that they were banning me cause I called this horse a "HACK" I explained to her? what I explained here on what I had read AND COMBINE that with the fact that all my horses who were able to breed stopped breeding as soon as THIS horse came in the barn!  I explained that I was CONCERNED that MAYBE that this horse was a malicious hack thing of some sort.  The conversation went no where...and yes I have it saved in its entirety though I, due to LL rules and TOS cannot share it here though I would LOVE to.  I also addressed not only being out 2000L for this *DEAD* horse but around $5000L for the missing food items.  THEY said they would contact the owners and have them contact me the next day...which of course, came and went with no contact. Nor the next day. Nor the next day. 

    At that point I was almost done...BUT I did buy one more batch of food while all that was going on...another around $5000L giant pack of breedable food which SHOULD have given me 20 feed buckets.  Then...I gave all of my horses and bundles away after no contact or help opting to use my prim counts for ...my next new hobby-low prim gardening! LOL...and tried to set out this feed for the new person...I would have had over 10 buckets left.  GUESS WHAT?/ GONE FROM INVENTORY! POOF! *read their fine print they can invade your farms, your barns and your inventory's if they take a dislike to you and take all your amaretto stuff.*  But my other amaretto items were still there like the gps barrel.  At that moment I purged EVERYTHING that said Amaretto on it from my inventory-at this point I had gone just plain paranoid.  I felt kicked in the ...you know. Perhaps it was because I am openly gay?? *shrugs*   Anyway about it THIS was not my idea of customer service, and THIS was a company I personally no longer wished to do business with-they had sucked all the fun and joy right out it. The lady? I spoke with...was apparently not in the know on anything and kept claiming I was rude for calling the horse a *hack*-I had no other idea what term to use..perhaps I should have said..a potentially malicious bot that some Frankenstein creator made for DDOS type horsey attacks out to steal all my other horses info?? That will stop them all from breeding? I contacted LL who explained that, unless it involves an a adult and a child in a way that most all of us would agree is wrong that..every agreement in SL is between buyer and seller, so you are SOL if things go wrong  and you are to take it up with THAT company, not LLs.-they have nothing to do with any of it.

    So...Amaretto, this is my farewell to you, how many RL dollars did you make from me? WHAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT??  I'm rude because Im visually impaired, have a horse TELLING me to contact you and MISSING Salt and Feed that I could not get redelivered and I'm banned from your website (no loss there as I couldn't see it but that means I would never be allowed to have a problem again and receive support for it)  I have closed my sims to Amaretto horses.  I have spoken to some other breedable people NOT with Amaretto and I guess this is not uncommon, they eased my mind but not my wallet. And I will keep this horse around for any who wish to see, as well as the CSR convo that I would gladly share with the Owners of Amaretto if asked to do so for quality control sake.  Otherwise...well...I think others should be afraid.  I also think you should enjoy what you do in your SL so if its all going well for you with your Amaretto...enjoy!  I was...till I made the mistake of having a missing item and then a *DEAD* horse...and contacted them.  I realized that there really is evil in SL and it has nothing to do with Vampire bites!!  Ok well maybe not evil *winks* but horrendous customer service that can lead a person to closing up their wallet, giving away their pixellated livestock and NOT looking back.  Though I will..once..just to see if Amaretto will step up to the plate and own this.

    Bottom line people...I have bought many items from many creators, and have had very few problems. Ive had to have some items redeivered...never a problem.  I tore apart an expensive adult bed once trying to re texture it and discovered the hard way that it was NO MOD-WHOOPS!!...I owned what I had done and never went to the seller saying..I tore it up YOU owe me a new one..I've had houses and scripts glitch...the creators have always helped me, some even coming to my sims in a timely fashion to fix the little bugs first hand.  Thats how you keep peoples business in RL and SL. Amaretto...you should just be ashamed of at least the CSR I spoke with, and others should still continue to  enjoy their horses as I once did...but also read the fine print and beware as well..this is not a company that so far in my experince..is out to help anyone and there is nothing any of us can do about it when things go south, and they can go south almost overnight.

    Not sure really where to post this so stuffing it in a forum where I see there was another Amaretto post made.



  9. Looking for an exp. land mngt. possible partner.

    Please be mature...on your medications if you take any, familiar with land mang./promotions/ advertising/ groups in a mostly GAY/RP community.

    If you are looking to get rich overnight...go the other way.

    If you are not in the US and do not speak fluent english in complete sentences..go the other way.

    You can NOTECARD me your exp. skills in real estate/land mngt to JamesKisson or contact me in world if not busy, avail most evenings US time.

    Thank You

  10. I REALLY would like some answers here...please SOMEONE in the know. PLEASE NOTE THIS MAY BE IN THE WRONG CATEGORY but I could not find a proper category to shove it in!

    Last night I was happily shopping for TREES, yes TREES and cottages for my sim, by myself, fully clothed, 3 am ish in a deserted store with what I at least thought was a M rating. (The type you rez the buildings before you buy) and also tabbling in and out to the marketplace. 

    My avi was FULLY clothed.  No peenie attached or hanging out. Not talking to ANYONE. JUST shopping-tabbing in and out to the marketplace.  My profile does contain an ADULT pic WAY DOWN IN the BIO part and does state clearly that I am gay! Most of the people that I meet have ADULT pics either of their avi or RL selfs..seems to be ALL THE RAGE, and I usually always take DOWN when visiting a G rated area or someone reminds me if I forget due to chatting. (arent many of those around given that SL is based around shopping for sexy items, sex makers in everything from rugs to pillows and SEX at every turn.)  But there I was..yes an older gay male-says so in my profile-shopping and tabbing in and out.  I saw a woman or something dark *something* walk buy but paid IT no mind...as I was..yes..thats right I will say this again..SHOPPING FOR TREES FOR MY SIM that I pay a STUPID amount of money to have.  Plus I pay to be a full member in SL...you do the math.  Big bucks.  Suddenly I got logged out and a screen that said I could log back in in a few hours.  I thought maybe SL had gone down.  So I tried again. I then told me I could not log in till TOMORROW.  Ugh...I have those evil breedable things/money sink that need care and land to manage, scripters to meet with etc. and friends to hug.  Now I just have to interject here...that SL does NOT do ANY SORT of age verification...they just ask if you are over 18 and OF COURSE EVERYONE (insert sarcasim) is honest about that. RIGHT? (rolls eyes and hopes parents are watching their children's internet actions and have attys on speed dial) So moving right along....

    I contacted live chat first thing today....I was nice, confused but nice and the agent about blew up...said I had been suspended for having a pic in my profile. (HELP ME HERE...JUST ABOUT EVERYONE Ive MET has ONE OF THOSE PICS in their profile and if they don't they are sure as heck filling up your inventory by trying to give you selfies of their RL naked selfs, that is if they arent begging to cam/sext/skype with you like SL is some sort of ADULT FBUDDY finder as if the adult animations are not enough?!) The CSR said I got an email- I DID NOT!!!  (even checked my spam folder 3 times)  The CSR could not explain why it went from a few hours to two days. The CSR did nothing to explain ANYTHING and HUNG UP ON ME the paying customer.  Yup...never swore, wasnt rude..just was trying to figure out WHAT WENT WRONG and HOW I COULD FIX THIS.  I rooted around and found that I could appeal this ban that I was NOT notified off...I wrote twice in this space..HOW I WAS TREE SHOPPING in the wee hours ALONE.  Again..you guessed it..no response.  Still banned till tomorrow...WITH THAT PIC HANGING OUT THERE I GUESS FOR EVERY ONE TO SEE ON MY PROFILE..(run dont walk to see a picture of a gay man's junk-(more sarcasm) on my profile.  I got a hold of another..and slightly better LIVE CSR who did explain a little more but also told me to appeal-WHICH I DID and once again who could not explain how things/ban went from a few HOURS to a FEW DAYS in a matter of minutes!!!  STILL NO RESPONSE AT ALL to my appreals....NO FU..no WHOOPS we see you were just tree shopping in an EMPTY PLACE and some dark thing got HER? IT?s bloomer in a not because you are too handsome to be gay. (inserts humor)

    SL has about a bazillion places to read and be DAMNED if Im gonna put my visually impaired self in front of a BUNCH of fine print that covers VOLUMES of webpages.  I have followed the when in Rome strategy and its worked..till now.  I am disheartened BIG time by the LACK of help or customer support on this matter as well. 

    So can someone tell me WHY customer support does NOT deal with these sort of issues. One would think a company as large as LL would have a cust support depart that would be able to deal with ANY AND ALL ISSUES from the techy to un warrented bans/suspensions?  I have been grived, trolled, I had someone carve up my sim a few times before I changed the settings so a bit of a MY BAD but still..just rude.  Ive had rentals broken into and people offering me sex for money at every turn..*shakes head* but I just shrugged it all off and moved on  SHOULD I HAVE REPORTED ALL THESE PEOPLE?  CSR did not have an answer for me on that.

    Should we all WALK AROUND and creep profiles for less than clothed pics and REPORT THEM each time we see them?  I see MANY, over 40 a day in just dancing and hanging out on M and A sims.

    WHY doesnt SOMEONE answer the appeals....WHY IS TREE SHOPPING on a M sim bannable?  Perhaps someone can laugh and cry with me here and give me not LINKS but STRAIGHT UP ANSWERS...in fact I double dog DARE someone with LL CS to tell me what exactly I am paying for for CS when Im getting NONE.  I can accept that maybe this was a TOS violation..having that pic up...BUT NO ONE HAS COME OUT AND SAID THAT POINT BLANK nor have a received any email (yes I even made sure my email addy was correct and that NOTHING from SL was hitting my spam folder) and believe I will be framing that pic in my house as soon as I get back on. LOL

    I know one thing for sure...I will not be paying for a full membership after this as the CS is..just not worth it and THAT is what I am paying for.  Perhaps someone here has been through this nightmare with banning and or bad Customer Support and cares to share.  Right now Im miserable and confused as BLEEEEEEP and would love some company, thought CONSTRUCTIVE ANSWERS would be much more appreciated as To WHY the customer service...should we all just walk around a creep profile of strangers who are shopping and report them for being gay or straight or were wolves or..you get the picture.  THANKS!


  11. I bought the Casper system...hahahahahha  Customer service more than lacking. Almost 2000Ls flushed.

    I have a free one...that wants 3% of anything I make-nope sorry.

    And I have a WM one that I got from a trustworthy sort.

    I need something that can easily keep track of renter prims as well.

    IF ANYONE can help me with this noobish nightmare and how to get the thing to take the cards as well a retuxturing them..

    PLEASE contact me in world most afternoons eves nights US time.  Wil tip if you can help me get up and running instead of pulling out my hair!

    Much appreciated in advance...I am visually impaired so I need somone with the abilyt to type STEP BY STEP of what to do..I will NOT do voice as people rush in their talking and I WANT TO READ what I need to do.


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