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  1. This is what happens when you keep putting new tape over the engine warning light for too long.
  2. Guess the duct tape fell off the rusting blue steel server again. Or the superglue on the USB ports deteriorated over time.
  3. Though I have mostly built sims based on 20th century flight and combat themes I am considering a restart. Seems there are more than enough VICE for format sims out there these days and have far more resources and income to expand. Though I started the interactive targets and sortie combat format back in 2000 before leaving to attend real life and come back the idea has followed suit and expanded. The saying of often imitated never duplicated was my adopted quote how ever as I said before the cost to run a homestead sim is not cheap and since the huge takeoff of WWI - WWII - and related sims my traffic has dramatically dropped including donations plus they can afford to attach more sims to expand. I have built some space stations and ships with a good friend over the years all static but the stations where interactive. Perhaps before I just decide to stop maybe try a sci-fi theme? Granted I may not be able to compete with whats out there but I love building things for people to interact with. I'm not a master builder surely not a scripter do mods when they work. Haha. Bu in any case I'm approaching my deadline to close and move on at my sim. As stated it's a HS sim not open grid if I could afford to expand or go open grid I would. Thought I would just come in here and plug my idea and get some input. By all means do so and even some pointers. Regards and be well.
  4. I hope some of you can give me some leads, help or offers. After looking around for sometime with rather limited results I am posting here. I am presently seeking land for a project that will be like a skybox. Preferably someplace that will allow access to most of the Blake Sea and it's surrounding sims. I have had two major sim projects in the past but where private homesteads. I am now venturing out from a "realistic" theme to a "tech / adventurous" theme in open grid. Presently with the help of some friends we are building a sky-carrier type platform. The size has yet to be determined but it will not be small. I know this has not been the first time such an endeavor has been done but having it near major waterways and land will be a plus for this project. The build as far as land impact and prims has yet been determined. Perhaps an ambitious attempt but one with sincere interest. It is in hopes that most of the build will be mesh with prim adds-ons as needed. It is an experiment of course but a whole hearted project none the less. it will be of decent altitude to allow aircraft to be fairly clear of it and major flight routes. Joint efforts are possible in regards to helping promote others themes and ideals and the area so please fell free to contact me. All be safe and well.
  5. Very nice but it seems to be a "closed" multiple sim. Prefer to be able to access more open places to fly like Blake Sea, etc.
  6. Still looking send me a TP to your areas and let me look about. Thanks.
  7. I am on a budget and like anyone esle trying to find some afordable deals. Looking for someplace to set up a small private place with access to water, land and of course flying. Put in a little modest house, a dock along with a helicopter pad (maybe a small private runway). Hopefully without skyboxes or floating advisements in the area and a rather modern theme if possible. Now it would be nice to access Blake Sea and other related areas for long term flights. I looked into those places with slips and over priced ego patches for a house in Eden, etc. Ouch! One more thing is I have a helo-carrier (about 125 prims) know anyplace i can rent out to park it and use it now and then I know I might be asking alot but one never knows till they try right? :matte-motes-grin:
  8. It is said there are no stupid questions only dumb actions by those that don't ask so here goes. I have a SIM I have worked hard on and it is coming along nicely. Though it's a private Homestead single SIM it's a start and so far so good. I am considering opening it to the public once I figured out all the things of caring and running a place. It's an Airport with a small dockside and little islands. I allow people to rez their vehicles such as aircraft, boats and related. But I am not sure I want people to build there which can of course lead to something getting deleated or messed up. So the question. Can you allow rezzing but no building? I ask this becuase I see major SIMS like HW airport allow people to rez thier aircraft but no one can build there "except vendors, etc". So hows that work? Thanks!
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