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  1. i am looking for an animations creator to work hand and hand with me creating furniture some of these animations will be sequence animations and i need them to be very smooth also would like to maybe make child animatoins for furniture aswell.
  2. hellow need a scripter for a custom fountain i have meshed it is not you typicla fountain shape so i dont know how to go about getting it how i want it. This is what it looks like http://prntscr.com/f5cx36 . I also may have other projects that i will require scripting for and i am ofcourse willing to pay.
  3. I changed my avatar name today and shortyly after changing it i saw it above my avatar in my name tag however, after relogging maybe 30 - 45 minutes later my display name was gone. All i could see was my username. No one else can see my display name but i can see everyone elses display names. I really have no idea what happened or how to fix it. I tried turning on and off view display names in the prefferences window and in debug settings and nothing has worked. I reset all my prefferences back to default and even tried different viewers.Nothing is working.
  4. I cleared my cache and loaded in a new region. Its working now Thank youu!!!
  5. I am trying to add on tattoo layers and it only gives me the wear option. the add option is no longer available and it was working fine earlier today. I know about the 5 layer limit but i only had on 2 layers and it was still doing this please help.
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