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  1. The "new" SL Release viewer- is completing login's, past the region handshake to the Secondlife Grid.

    I tried "clearing" cache files, but that only login the viewer a "few" times, before login issues appear to happen again, 

    with a (stable) internet connection. This is suggesting SL has to upgrade to another version rather "quickly",

    for completing logins constantly.

  2. Object edit is slow to appear, instead of quickly, my guard dog script dialog to "bark" is to slow functioning. To sit or ride in a speedboat, tosses  the avatar in the "water" or into the "air".

    To complete a round trip run by speedboat, took (5) last location logins after boat crashes. The island parcel owner says its SL in general happening, with "lol" at every issue to re-load and start over for a complete session.

    I already suspect data streaming & needed maintenance "combined" are the culprit of issues.

  3. This is a (2) part question:

    1. Is it advised to (save) boxes, after copying of contents to the inventory?

    Accidental (delete) of the contents file folder could happen.

    2. Erotic items menu have a (adjust position) button. For basic practice to use the button, do (2) avatars have to be (present)-

    in (animation), to correct positioning for proper sequence?

    I could end up (deleting) the items contents over "bad" animation scripting.

  4. A erotic animated HUD item at inventory had problems with (script errors), during a session with a guest.

    The (menu list) with ("sub menus"), would only work with (3) selected animations out of (14), with using the (blue & pink) ball with my guest. 

    The item I have is showing script error messages saying: "could not find the animation" of (11) from using the menu.

    This item is (full perm) as a HUD to wear, theres also a (animations content file) at inventory, after "opening" the box for transfer of the contents to inventory.

    Question: Should I consider this item "defective" and re-purchase, since only (3) animations function with the menu?

    Note: Theres also (15) scripts with a "ball" , and (3) note cards to this item.

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