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  1. still no inentory items reappearing sadly im out of that money for those itmes and cant get them back cause im broke as of right now !!! thisi game is starting to piss me off more n more everyday !
  2. finally got away from my home and im on a dif sim FINALLY...haha anyway thanks for the help, ill go back home later soona s my inventory stuff appears and my friends list.
  3. yea ive tried, to but ill keep trying dif sim jsut keeps sending me right back to my home.
  4. Still having problems with not being able to teleport, inventory items missing, friends list not loading, when try to teleport game crashes...among a few other problems, when to expect to have this fixed i need to be able to get to my store, i maybe losing $L cause of your screw up ! not to mention other people are commenting on my post in General they are having same problems happening to them as well. please ananswer is long over due !
  5. i did find this from another post in the Forums http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Deploys-for-the-week-of-2014-12-08/td-p/2873800 which may explain some things *shrugs*
  6. to say the least tho are other probs i am having as well ! i cant think of everything lol but thanks. hopefully we wont lose out on more L$ then what they are taking from us, or causing us to miss out on cause of their faulty error ! so pray that it gets fixed soon, cause it doesnt look like its gonna be tonight *fraunds*
  7. Having trouble with Second Life in two different viewers both SL n Firestorm, cant tele no where lost inventory items, and get disconnected from game when i do try to teleport to somewhere else, is SL having problems ? this all occured after my home sim and a few other sims were restarted ! and way is this being worked on ? or am i just just screwed out of items i had that i paid for and not able to play again...i am a premium member, and would oike to know whats going on please !
  8. CReHaney

    Scripter Wanted

    In search of a scripter that can help me out in a small project...must be willing to give me full perm of the scripts as well. I have notecard ready of my project....i'll do the building of the thing i want done.
  9. CReHaney

    Viewer Crashing

    Not exactly sure where to post this ! I'm having trouble uploading a Model with bones and ever time i get the Model up to upload the viewer will crash and close out completely, not sure whats going on or how to fix this. I'm trying to upload a Model Avatar I made thru Makehuman, with Bones and i save it dae for SL-JSon, and i tried even the SL non JSon. but the Viewer stil crashes out all the way. Any idea at all whats going on here ?
  10. anywhere i can read up more on this ?
  11. just watched the special on The Science Channel after see about this all day from google's main page lol....seen the pics and been waiting for the showing on tv all week ! it was spectacular ! Love this sort of thing ! even took a pic from the internet and made a free pic in the game to hang in my new home when i get it this week
  12. when i get my membership....is it posiable to open a store instead of building a house on my new home land instead or do i have to fins another spot to rent for my store ?
  13. Need a scripter that can write up a Full PERM Calender script, that can read from a notecard for events, and a script that can display beside the Calendar those events, have no trouble making the item myself, just need a script for it ! as a hobby i backup the scripts i got just incase of game failure and i can test as well on OpenSim....please let me know your Prices in World ! Thank You, CReHaney
  14. Just remember to stick to yur gun if u hire this guy and that he dont take a WEEK on the script, and if you want it full perm that he makes it FUL PERM too !!! so now i got a calendar No Copy, No Mod, No Transfer paid $1500L for a job that shouldve took no more then the time he said and at $100L n hr i feel like i got ripped off !! I cant text the damn thing or modify it.....took too long to make...I dont Recomend this guy for a script job at all ! You Been Warned !!!
  15. Looking for Work maybe in these feilds.... I am a male Can Do.....Dancer (Not Gay nor Bi), Host, Voice work, Model, GM, Security, etc.... I have never been..... a DJ or been a Business Owner/partner, tho I would be good at giving good to great Ideas(Quick Thinker) ! nor can i do scripting, building or mesh work ! My main Avi is almost 6 yrs old but only played a few months ! Any concideration to any kind of job, please drop me a notecard or offline message. Thank you, CReHaney
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