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  1. Thanks Sylvannas. I'll be sure to check those community Sims out. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Most of the clubs I tried checking out were typically empty. I don't really know people in game to drag link me up. Sorry if I didn't put this question in the right forum I just wanted to know about some hot-spots I could look into.
  2. I've been out of the loop for a while but am trying to get back into SL. Are there any good Sims where I could rent a New York style apartment in a city that I might actually bump into people? Also, besides that: are there any good dancing clubs for a fun night on the town?
  3. Welcome to my forum post! Grab a seat and stick around. Oh, you're already sitting? Well then we're halfway there! People seem to be surprised that this is my first Avi, but I have a history with RP sites so I catch on quick. What I'm not catching quickly is steady friends. It'd be great to have more people to chat and adventure with, especially if those people happen to be into or at least interested in comics. Not that they're my life, but that's what my Avi was made for. I'd be happy to RP with any other heroes or villains. (But please please please have some kind of manners. I'm surprised I have to say this, but no I'm not interested in any amount of raping. Forceful sex, not rap music.) Oh no! You don't know Power Girl? Well if you're especially interested, I can link you some comics. What's this? Free comics? Hell yeah! I would be especially tickled pink if someone wanted to play my favorite character pairing (Atlee) with me. Maybe if we get along, some kind of partner thing? Who knows! [If you're a fantastic adventurous girl who wants someone to spend some time with but don't know the character, I'm more patient to help share and work on it together. So don't be shy!] Anyways, the more I type here the more self conscious about this I get and start to think it's a bad idea. So I'm just going to stop typing and see what happens. ....Have fun everyone!
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