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  1. have you tried an alt H and bounced through the sims that way? sometimes it helps when searching if you remember generally when you were there. (the dates on the pictures would help with narrowing it down.) Homar
  2. deleting the log in credentials sees to it that if you do not have your passwords all written down in an "Avatar Bible" that kids do not use as a coloring book. you will lose Avatars. if you do not back up your information some how, have fun trying to recover your avatars..... Linden Labs and Windows people need to have a sit down and talk about how to fix this issue. because some people do not save pass words with pen and paper, for fear of kids logging in on their account, or a spouse logging in to see who they been "cybering" with on sl. Homar Wilson Avid SL Addict. thinks about starting an SL anonymous Group
  3. going through withdrawls, ready to curl into the fetal position and shudder from my dt's
  4. i am one of those as well, i know someone else that has 15k missing now
  5. what do they have something against me getting in and checking my animals? or getting in to my gf?
  6. it is like us sl addicts are forced into withdrawls while they just sit back and watch
  7. cant be any worse than me getting messages of "emergency maintenance"
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