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  1. Also please be aware if you walk into this place you better speak when spoken too and not look at something else on the internet for 2 mins or you will be kicked from the sim. Or even just complimenting them on a decor item at this place or clicking it or it will result in kicked as we were told: "The owner doesn't like it". Went to this place looking for a little extra fun ie employment and this was how it resulted. So Think about it first....
  2. I am using the current firestorm viewer and my graphics card is up to date..-.- But as i said before this current viewer i am using is the mac 64bit beta version from Firestorm..But i have also tried to us the sl viewer to see if i had continued problems and its the same...So I have no idea what is going on....
  3. Rolig, I have tried repeatedly to use this method but it just continues to crash my viewer or close it down completely..Also when it works the texture it self is a arrow of sorts in transparent form.....Ever had this problem?
  4. I know we was able to test textures before the major update to the firestorm viewer but noticed before the test option was no longer there..But i did click the link and this is a different way of trying the texture out...But i just want to make sure this is still a current main option..I do thank you and to be honest this has baffled me..I do thank you and I will try this and see what happens...If not I will come back and post a update has to what i have tired to far...Thank You again, Pepper
  5. As the topic states my issue. I sign into the beta grid work on a texture as i have before and now I am having lining issues in the main Grid...Never had this happen before...I have checked to make sure my Viewers are up today, restarted everything. cleared catches, rework the texture an still lining issues..I sign into the main grid to upload and test the texture after comfirming it to be correct in beta only to be the opsite...Any help would be great as to how i could fix this problem..Thank you.. pss was just thinking...I am running the beta Mac 64bit version of firestorm...was thinking it might be a bug with that...but nope Tried a different computer and still same problem..-.- Sept 22 As suggested earlier as to use the local option to test the texture ligning issues on the main grid..... Well, I can see where this is a ver viable option to use to test on the main grid, BUT now everytime i try to use it or everyother time the system kicks me off stating a buffering issue....Wow, if its not one thing it is always something else...Is this common with everyone else working on textures as well? As the viewer crashing alot when or while working..But once in a while get lucky for a couple of hours or at least 30 mins of not crashing? pss now its not even working any longer...........just closes my viewer out with out any message or anything...D : Think I will stay with Beta...but still need some kind of help....This sucks...
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