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  1. POUNCE is the #1 most active, community-based, furry club in Second Life! You'll find live music, great DJs, hosts, dancers, and more. This club offers a pool, dance and music floor, many events, event hosting, and job opportunities. They also have a beautiful nature area to explore on the ground level. Open to everyone no matter the species, humans included. GENERAL STAFF DJs, Hosts, Security, Dancers, VIP Reps Training provided, no experience necessary but a bases on the Department your applying for is required. MANAGEMENT 2-3 DJ Managers, Need a Morning and Primetime M
  2. Also please be aware if you walk into this place you better speak when spoken too and not look at something else on the internet for 2 mins or you will be kicked from the sim. Or even just complimenting them on a decor item at this place or clicking it or it will result in kicked as we were told: "The owner doesn't like it". Went to this place looking for a little extra fun ie employment and this was how it resulted. So Think about it first....
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