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  1. Hey, I was wondering.. Are there any groups for clothing texturers to hook up with mesh designers?
  2. Hi! I'm trying to upload mesh to the second life Aditi or preview grid, but i'm encountering an annoying problem: I don't have the right to upload mesh to the grid yet (which i do already have on the Agni grid). I'm being told to verify my payment information and to get certified I need to update my payment information. The problem is that when i go to https://cashier.aditi.lindenlab.com/addpaypal to validate my paypal it won't load. After some googling i found out this can be circumvented by completing the Mesh Intellectual Property tutorial but of course, the page with the tutorial
  3. Thank you, i'm definitely looking into that! From plain sight the normal map doesn't show to have a lot of wrinkles but with a tool called Crazybump i managed to get a diffuse texture out of the normal map which shows a lot more wrinkles than were previously visible. The tool itself isn't free though, but you can use a demo version for 30 days.
  4. Thank you, that was very explanative and now i don't feel bad for relying on AO maps because drawing the shades by hand is quite difficult indeed. At this point i've made a diffuse map out of the normal map, Photoshopped it and then tried to do it by hand but somewhere half way i quitted because i'm really having a hard time getting things right. Either the example textures were made based on an AO map or drawn by a very skilled texture maker..
  5. Hi. Only recently i started texturing from mesh kits, so far i've been editing AO Maps and i'm pleased with the results. However this time i found a mesh kit which doesn't include an AO map and leaves me with a specular map, a normals map, a UV map and some example textures. What i've noticed from the example textures is that they have been delivered with a lot more realistic looking shading and wrinkling going on than what's visible from either the SM and normals map. Which leaves me wondering on the question: Could the wrinkles and the shading have been generated or are they the result
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