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  1. There are quite a few fresh clubs opening up. I know Kitty's Gentlemen's Club is looking for hostesses. Club Ragnarok is hiring all positions and opening on the 25th of this month. Blue Diamond Cabaret just reopened and is hiring all positions as well. The club scene is growing every day, and they're always looking for hostesses and DJs. Best of Luck, Kat
  2. I'd say open up the SL viewer. If the same issues continue, it's likely SL.
  3. Hello all. I'm trying my hand at photography, as it's always something I wanted to do. And rather than take the creeper approach and snap random people doing random things in-world, I prefer the voluntary route. If you'd be willing to model for me so I could build my portfolio, reply here or message me in-world. You'd, of course, be able to keep all photos I take of you, and I'd greatly appreciate your time. Thanks, Kat
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