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  1. So true! You guys are only cutting your own throats! Now I have less of a reason to come into SL. Very foolish decision!
  2. I too had this sent to my permanent email address. I think its a phishing scheme as it came with a link to click on. Here is the information I recevied. It was very offensive. GRRR nodiacritics (JIRA) <no-reply@secondlife.com> To idahobeef@yahoo.com Today at 5:54 AM [ https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-100131?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:all-tabpanel ] nodiacritics updated BUG-100131: -------------------------------- Status: Information Provided (was: Needs More Info) NOTICE FROM LINDEN LABS: LINDEN LABS HAS IDENTIFIED YOU AS ONE OF THE FOLLOWING MANORITIES: *****(jew), sand *****(muslim), *****(african american) BECAUSE OF OUR POLICIES WE HAVE DECIDED TO TERMINATE YOUR ACCOUNT WE DO NOT WELCOME THESE MANORITIES ON SECOND LIFE AS THEY ARE KNOWN TO CAUSE PROBLEMS > Blank Listing created in Manage Listings - VMM that cannot be deleted > --------------------------------------------------------------------- > > Key: BUG-100131 > URL: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-100131 > Project: 1. BUG Project > Issue Type: Bug > Security Level: Public > Environment: SL Viewer 3, Firestorm > Reporter: DaddyBootz > > h1. Steps to Reproduce > Trying to delete blank listings. > h1. Actual Behavior > I cannot delete a blank listing on my Marketplace. I have tried to edit them and then delete them, no luck! I have tried this for MONTHS now, no luck. I now have over 200 of these listings that I see on my back side of the MP manager. Now I have to ask for help since I have tried for months with no luck on this issue. Help! > h1. Expected Behavior > I should be able to delete empty/blank listings. > h1. Other information > Please do not refer me to another thread, I have tried their work arounds, none work for me. Thanks! -- This message is automatically generated by JIRA. If you think it was sent incorrectly, please contact your JIRA administrators For more information on JIRA, see: http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira
  3. I think I can help. What viewer are you using? I had the same problem (I use Firestorm) but when I logged back into the original SL viewer my inventory finally fully loaded. Don't forget to "clear cache" as well. Good luck!
  4. Help! I have been unable to unlist blank folders since 2015. Its becoming very irksome as I now have over 100 folders that I cannot delete, that I have to bypass, and go to other pages. Other friends of mine have a similar problem. I have tried numerous ways to delete these empty folders, for months and months, with no luck. I also have hundreds of former Magic Box listings I cannot get rid of too (the pink area). Help? 
  5. Help! For months now someone has been griefing me, geeting my Marketplace items deslisted en masse. I am unsure how they are doing it, too. Or who it is. I have called LL office and they said to talk to MP admin. I asked here a few weeks ago and one of the posts said talk to LL office. Now what do I do? How do I make this stop? Help!
  6. A single person is waging a vendetta against me on Marketplace. They are getting hundreds of my items unlisted. This is making y life miserable, help! I know this is just one person, but I dont know who. I made them mad in SL I guess. Its an ENORMOUS amount of work to go back and relist things. I am NOT a computer guru, how do I know how to list every item I sell? I mean really, how do you list Surgical Instruments on MP? I would ask that this single persons war against me be stopped. I earn around 1 million lindens every 4 months or so, so I try my best. I am also a premium member and have rarely asked for anything. Please help! Daddybootz Resident
  7. HELP! I notice when I se Auto Fill now for MARKETPLACE, it reverts back to the original listing, possibly after the database updates; the title reverts back, even after I type new information in it. I am losing ALOT of sales from this error. I have to manually go back and type in the correct TITLE on each page. HELP! Thanks in advance, Maxx
  8. I am having a problem with "Add Related Item". It wont 'see" the additional objects I have put into my Magic Box. These are NO COPY items and have to be sold in a magic box. I have resynched and reloaded the page many times, logging out as well. It only sees 2 items in my Unlisted Items section, although I have 58+ in there. Thanks in advance!
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