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  1. Isle Of Dee officially reopens this weekend and has beautiful cottages for rent. They only charge 2 lindens per prim. nice community lifestyle
  2. Hi everyone! About a month ago I got back to SL after a three year absence. I used to roleplay, mentor and organize events a lot. But this time around I decided to build, so I'm working on a new shop. But yesterday I also finished my first Machinima. Unfortunately my laptop can't handle depth of field, it's an old baby... But I'm pleased with the result. Any serious criticism is very much appreciated. Also if you want to talk about machinima with me, you're very welcome! If you're about to make your first one and I can answer your question, I gladly will. I know I still have questions. :) I also teach basic photography sometimes. :)
  3. Hi Scaler, I'm new to Machinima too. My laptop is too old to use depth of field in SL. But I managed to create a nice promo video for two friends of mine. (It's rendering as I'm typing this) Best of luck! I don't know about all the tools yet, but you're welcome to contact me inworld and share thoughts!!!
  4. I love it! I've only seen the first one yet!! Keep it up
  5. I remember avatar island where you were able to upload any face photo and it put it on your avatar? I'd love it too, but they're long gone.
  6. Hi... What did the text say exactly? I could make a mesh text to put on your wall if it's that important to you. Please contact me inworld.
  7. I see animated gifs in second life But how do you upload the animated picture? It won't let me do gif files.
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