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  1. hey I'm a furry and occasionally a human but mostly furry message me if you like!
  2. Whovian here and just a general lover of Scifi!
  3. Hai everyone :3 Looking to make some new friends. Recently come back from another break and everyone i know has moved on from SL so i thought it would be a good time to get to know some new people! I'm female, 20 and my av is almost 3 years old. I love to just socialize and have a giggle, shopping, checking out clubs and being in the photo studio. Send me an IM if you're interested!
  4. hey! I suppose i could say i'm a gamer i have a ps3, xbox 360 and xbox one message me in world if you like
  5. Hey! I'm European time zone! i have the exact same problem as you with the whole friends on late So it would be nice to hang out with someone who doesn't have to rush off to bed as soon as i get online
  6. Hey everyone! So i just came back into SL after a few months break and i'm just stumped as what to do haha. Most of my friends are gone now also so i thought i'd post here to see if anyone wants to hang out at any time :) My avi is over 2 years old. I pretty much live for shopping haha but i also love to club hop, go to photo studios and just generally hang out :) So message me if you're interested in making a new awesome friend ;D haha
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